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This doesn't surprise me in the least. Apple spoon feeds capabilities to their customers while others provide these capabilities more quickly. In the long run it won't matter because people who buy Apple products are used to this process and/or don't care.
He means the phone that could be banned is a legacy device and of little importance. It will be replace by newer devices that are not being banned. You really are drinking kool-aid if you think the average American consumer is going to give two licks about the supposed hit to Samsung's reputation. Samsung makes quality products, and that is all that matters. I have an iPhone 4, but I also own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and a Samsung Focus. These lawsuits are not going to push...
Exactly. In the last two weeks I have seen 13 new Samsung Galaxy SIII at work and at my board game group. These are selling like hotcakes (prefer my iPhone 4 and Galaxy Nexus, but it is a nice phone). This ban really isn't going to amount to a hill of beans since almost all the phones that were deemed infringing on patents and trade dress are legacy devices. 
You are just a freakin' idiot. I am NOT an Android or Apple lover or hater. I think both should exist (along with Windows Phone OS - and MeeGo if it could have survived) in the market. Apple simply wants to remove all competition from the market. They may want a smidgen of competition, but that would be only to avoid being labeled a monopoly. Not different than MS in the 1990s. By the way...I have never made the "Apple is doomed" BS statement..so don't put words in my mouth.
No. Apple doesn't want competition, but they need it or they become a monopoly. History suggests? History shows that Apple had no choice but accept competition. There is a difference.
What the hell are you talking about? "Legally invalidated"? I stated that the chips are made by Samsung. Apple simply couldn't exist without Samsung right now. How has that been legally invalidated?
1. Don't put words in my mouth. 2. We own a Mac Mini, 2 Apple TVs, 2 iPhone 4's, 1 iPod 5th Gen, 1 iPod Nano 6th gen, 1 Roku XS, 1 Galaxy Nexus, 1 Samsung Focus.   I use Win 7 and OSX as well as BOTH iOS and Android, so don't paint some all-or-nothing BS blanket to build some strawman argument. As it stands, Windows Phone 7 is barely 2% of the market and know one really knows if it will expand once Windows Phone 8 is released. Blackberry...really? RIM is on life support...
And so you want a future where the only choice is iOS? Looks like that is where Apple is headed.
Can I upgrade my 3GS and 4 to a version of iOS that has all the new bells and whistles? I guess that is good for consumers as well, right?
And I assume you would like Samsung to fail and go out of business tomorrow as well? 
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