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Have you ever looked at the chips inside your iPhone?
Shouldn't the moderators job be to make sure everything runs well in the forums and not to constantly post their opinions in the forums?     His actions are like a beach volley ball referee running on the sand to play the game when he should be making sure everybody else follows the rules. But, I guess when you have all the power  you can do what you want without worrying about others' recourse. Probably the reason he left Mac Rumors(?) after three years.
Actually, Apple could win and Samsung could also win its complaints. In the end, both companies could win than then be awarded practically nothing. Just because you "win" doesn't mean you will receive the damages that you expect.
Unfortunately, only if Samsung's lawyers were able to show this information to the jury. It seems pretty obvious to me that Apple's patent should be invalidated.
No, it shows that the idea for multi-touch interaction with a computer screen existed before the iPhone. The guy even called it "multi-touch" at one point. It doesn't matter if the gestures are different (Why would that matter in any way?) or that it is used on a different OS...the idea is clearly being used PRIOR to the iPhone. I am not an "Apple hater", but this looks like an example of prior art to me.
I guess you forgot to mention the next statement where Steve Jobs states "we (Apple) always have been shameless about stealing great ideas."
  Of course if these people were to see this same software running on Android and compared it to Siri they would be surprised to see that the Google software isn't reliant on external servers for its dictation capabilities. So, maybe they would choose to avoid using Siri. :)   (For the record...not a Android Fan. I've used an iPhone since 2009 when the 3GS became my first smartphone. Having said that, I am actually looking forward to Windows Phone 8. You know...I think it...
How is the truth hilarious? How is Apple copying ideas from Android okay, but others cannot copy from Apple? And what is up with the gang-rape obsession?
Perhaps that is why he ended up leaving Mac Rumors after three years.
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