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Many folks gave those Japanese engineers a hard time....remember them? The guys who said they could reengineer the system at a lower cost with a better design. Maybe we should contact them and see what their suggestions are!!!
I so DON'T want to agree with you, but I DO AGREE 100%. Been an Apple person since my first Apple IIc. Makes me want to cry...or at least be able to install OS X on a different laptop.
I am not "pretending". I really hate to say this, but there ARE people out there that cannot understand the BIG SIGN + contract idea. I dealt with many of them when I was in the army and they would not agree with you regarding the half the cost idea. There are also some seriously smart folks out there that would also disagree as they would see the purchase of a cell phone as to include the contract cost. Now if Apple didn't get a penny of that contract money, then the...
I did read the entire thread and do understand the conversation. Thanks for your concern regarding my comprehension capabilities, though. Sorry if I didn't respond correctly.
Of course our broadband internet is a joke here in the U.S. I have a friend teaching Japanese near Isahaya, Kyuushu and for about 60 bucks a month he is getting 50MB download and 15MB upload. Grrrrrr.......Charter, thieves at best.
Sorry, I am not sensitive to Apple making a mistake. I do find it humorous that so many folks will not admit when it is obvious that Apple makes an honest mistake. Should Apple be punished, no, but they should not be allowed to make that claim. But, it does matter. Things matter in life, and telling the truth is one of them. As is admitting when one makes a mistake. That does matter.
You are not wrong on your "facts" but you are using the facts to mislead. That in itself is wrong. You know good and well that a person is going to have a contract to use that new iphone (and pretty much the same for the old iphone) so the total cost of that device over two years is not half the cost. Playing games with semantics might make you "right" but it gives no credence to your arguement...instead it makes you sound like the stereotypical used car salesman.
The difference being that Nokia never made this claim. Also, whether the Nokia N82 can reach "all of the internet" or not, has no effect on Apple's misleading advertisement. I was surprised to find that my iPod Touch cannot access certain areas of sites (language learning) that I need to use on a daily basis. I am forced back to using my laptop when I had hoped the Touch would fulfill my needs. Stop the fanboyism nonsense. Apple screwed the pooch on this one and deserves...
I only wish I could be such a "has been" that makes 10 million dollars for a set of commercials. Oh the pain of being a has been.
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