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Yes the Macbook Pro has man new features which are under the hood, but when people say that nothing has changed they are referring to the case and keyboard design. It has been the same design (MINOR changes) for the last few years.
How about avoiding the vulgarity and personal attacks.
We have two PCs in my home. Once is a Falcon NW running Windows XP Home and the other is a hand-built system that I put together with all name-brand parts for my wife. Neither of them have "boogers" on them either. You are a prime example of why so many folks see Apple users as snobs. I have been using Apple computers since my first Apple IIe and it is an embarrassment to see folks like you representing the average Mac user. Jeez...
Both systems, especially the PS3, can act a full-fledged enteratinment systems...not just a "kids game machine". My wife an I have an PS3 which acts as a Blue-Ray player, Music Hub, Game Machine, Back-up Storage, and now Video Rental Machine (the lineup needs improvement). I am sorry, but the Apple TV will never be capable of playing games at even half the level of the PS3 and Xbox ...it is weaker than a standard Mac Mini
Sorry, but no. The summer give-away been done for at least the three years (including this year) as an incentive for students to buy mac laptops, not because the iphone is cheaper. Also, I know I am not the only person who feels this way, but I don't WANT an iPhone. I do like the iPod and will continue to use one, but I have no intention of paying a monthly a monthly ontract to use an iPhone...especially after looking at the wide variety of phones in Japan.
Hmmm. I have been buying CDs since 1985. My wife and I own about 950 between the two of us. We ripped them all to our HD and guess what...we have OVER 80GB of music...and NONE of it is stolen. Stop being an ass making comments like that...
I am part of that 13%!!! I actually own three Zunes: a 30GB, an 80GB and an 8GB model. I used to love the iPod, but once Apple changed produced the new Nano, Classic and Touch, I jumped ship. Nano is too fat. The new OS is just a gimmick, but the extras cannot be turned off. Classic has a nice design (the entire item should have been aluminum). The black looks great, but the silver is terrible looking. Same issues with the OS, but worse due to the HD. Touch looks nice,...
New Posts  All Forums: