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And the racial hate begins.
Apple didn't have to start the lawsuits. They could swallowed their pride. "They copied! No, they copied!" The time and effort wasted on these lawsuits is just silly Now, as you said, they are going to loose out on much of what Google has to offer.
How about not changing my name when quoting me. 
You realize that Apple BOUGHT Siri, right? They didn't bring Siri to us...we already had it and then Apple artifically limited what handsets it would work on.
Apple wasn't the first to use that particular style of icon to represent a microphone. Get over it.
Because....Apple bought Siri and then neutered it to only work on the iPhone 4S. So perhaaaaaps....someone who is using a 3GS or iPhone 4 might have use of the program....Hardly a waste of time. 
"We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas" - Steve Jobs
Technically, the only way to be a racist is if you, me, etc. were act this way to a Neandertal, Homo Erectus, Homo Hablis, etc.  But, you know exactly what was meant and that doesn't make it any less hateful. Why would you support that kind of hate?
You realize you were the first to post on this thread, right? It really seems as if Appleinsider is run by a teenager. Your actions simply don't make any sense.
His post has validity and if you would stop having a tantrum like a child you might realize this...   1. RIM first came up with in house messaging. Apple stole it from the blackberry. 2. The Zune from MS had wireless syncing. Apple/Job/fanbois called the idea stupid and worthless (a battery waster and such). Yet Apple has now added it. 3. The notification bar was being use on Android before Apple.. Apple took that idea and added it to iOS 5.     The point is that when...
New Posts  All Forums: