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Same results as Whyatt but I'm using IE7 Beta 2 on a Win XP Pro SP2. It does appear to be correct using Firefox on the same box.
Price that rig out for us and post back here, will ya?
Try a different VNC server.
I too was going to wait for the MacBooks but I can't wait past May because my wife will not qualify for her education discount after she graduates in May.
This very topic is being discussed in this thread. Check it out.
Air Jordan is to Nike as iPod/iTunes is to Apple. Just Do It is only a slogan. This spin-off won't happen. Where would Apple get all of it's money to bankroll the Macintosh division?
Please explain to me how a 2.0 GHz CoreDuo's lifesapn will be less than the 1.8 GHz CoreDuo you had ordered.
You should consider MYOB's FirstEdge or AccountEdge depending on you current or possible future needs.
If I understand the situation correctly you have Apple Remote Desktop on your Mac and would like to use ARD to interact with your PCs that are on the same LAN. You need to install a VNC server on the PCs because I do not think that ARD will work with Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). Any Windows compatible VNC server will do. You'll need to open port 5900 in the firewall (assuming it's on) on your PC. I assume that you have properly configured your mac to...
You're going to have to be more specific. Are the two computers on the same network or will you be accessing the Windows from across the Internet?
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