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Government, liberals and "conservatives", who can't seem to control their spending, have brought The Unites States of America and European countries their knees. I'm more embarrassed for the conservatives who claim to be, but are not. This from a conservative.
I signed up for the one week free trial over Thanksgiving weekend to try the recently released PS3 client. I'll be canceling my account before it expires on Friday. The amount of content available to be viewed on devices other than the web is lacking. I wait for the day when "television" is on demand streaming so I can watch it when I want to where I want to (PS3, TV, Mac, insert your device here).
Yeah, republishing an article from a little-known publication such as the WSJ about such irrelevant event is a waste of bits.
How do we speak up to let the RIAA, NAB and our politicians know that we don't what this?
Try 1Password, or LastPass.
So when will you dump flash and use HTML5 to embed videos in the articles?
For you Firefox users, Mozilla released a second beta version of Firefox 3.0 with a Mac-like theme. The beta can be downloaded here –> http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-beta.html. The theme can be found here –> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6050.
The iPod touch is a stop gap purchase for people waiting to get out of their contracts with their wireless provider.
Yahoo! can start by allowing Safari users access to their mail beta.
Sometimes when I close the lid on my MacBook it'll reboot for no good reason. Anyone heard else having this problem?
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