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Sometimes when I close the lid on my MacBook it'll reboot for no good reason. Anyone heard else having this problem?
Not true. I work for a newspaper company that owns three dailies. I can guarantee that we will not upgrade. Most of the company is still using CS1.
Stupid people come in all shades.
I wash mine. I get the expensive ones dry cleaned and pressed. I have to sew on buttons when they become loose. I get suit pants hemmed to the proper length, etc. You know and I know and everyone here knows that computer software require updates. You argue just to be difficult. You're like my 6 year old.
All. Got me. Or -r will install the required updates. The other option is to allow a VNC viewer to access ARD.
Do think cars are just for driving. Why should you be bothered with putting gas in the tank, or changing the oil, or rotating the tires, etc. Computers, like most things (cars, furnaces, fine clothing, houses, etc), require maintenance.
I use Apple Remote Desktop. I download the update once, not ten times, which I then schedule to install when no one is using the computers and they restart themselves, ready to go when the user comes back to work in the morning. Easy as can be. If I didn't have ARD, I still wouldn't have to go to each computer. I'd SSH into each computer and check for available updates using softwareupdate -l, which would list the available updates. Then I'd install the update(s) using...
I've never had "all sorts of issues on install" and I have 10 Macs of various ages/processors/OS. Am I the only one who gets individual AirPort, Bluetooth, etc updates? Heck, just yesterday they released a WWAN Update. If you're not getting them let me know. I'd be happy to put them on my server so you can grab 'em. This used to bother me also, but sometimes you have to look past your own nose and think of someone other than yourself (you can do it). I have 10 Macs all...
A little simple research will show that there are at least two companies that supply such a database: Navteq & Tele Atlas. These are the two companies who supply maps to Google, Yahoo, MapQuest (AOL), and Expedia (Microsoft).
About a year.
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