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Due to the fact that a technology such as Robson needs to be supported by the OS and AMD's processors are not used in Macs but Windows-based computers, an AMD-based box running Windows Vista will have support for a similar technology that Microsoft calls ReadyDrive.
Yep, She's issuing fake information in a note to her clients so their portfolio will decrease in value. What a smart idea that would be.
Who would buy all the products China produced if they blew us up?
There were/are some very knowledgeable people who frequented the Apple forums, at least the ARD and Server portions. I haven't been there in a while but when I had a problem that I couldn't find a solution for I was almost guaranteed to find it there. To bad. The best part is that people were there to ask and answer computer related questions. There was no AppleOutsider (PoliticalOutsider) BS that spewed in to the other sub-forums.
is this really AppleInsider? I better check the url...
While I haven't purchased my MacBook yet, I'm a little concerned. A guy over at Ars has posted a thread about his 1.83 GHz MacBook never operating over 1.67 GHz. It seems that the processor was always being throttled back to avoid overheating. When he took it back to the Apple store they told him that this was normal operation. Kind of silly if you ask me.
The fact that you want to impose your "value system" on others is wrong. Plain and simple.
Adobe took the only advantage FreeHand had a version or two ago: it's superior tracing tool built in to the application, instead of the stand alone application (Streamline), and it's superior gradients. Adobe's current solutions are as good or better. Freehand's dead. YEAH!
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