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Where, on a Mac mini, would you suggest they put an iSight?
<-- Living proof.
I assume "Curtain Mode" allows the remote administrator to blank out the screen while he/she is interfacing with it. That's a nice option. I hope that it allows the remote administrator and the local user to access the computer at the same time like OSXvnc does.
Not to mention that scheduling the sale of their stock before the big April announcement, which will send the stock higher, instead of afterwards avoids the appearance of insider trading.
What are the pros and cons of of FileVault vs Encrypted Disk Image?
What makes you believe that OS X will not advance in the next five to seven years? Mac OS X's GUI will always be more advanced than Windows. Apple is small and nimble, willing to change and implement new ideas. Microsoft is always more of the same ol' stuff.
Yeah! I heard that InDesign shuts down and refuses to open back up again if you try to make a document with more than 100 pages. What are you talking about? That's ridiculous!
A quick Google search resulted in this support document at Adobe's website. Adobe calims it's a problem with Mac OS X, not CS2.
I have CS2 on a dual 1.25 GHz G4 that had the Illegal Name problem one time many months ago but has never reappeared. My Dual 2.0 GHz G5, which also has CS2, has never exhibited this problem. I wonder what the difference is? Has anyone checked out Adobe's forums for discussions of this problem?
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