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Before Apple will swirch to Intel's Itanium 2 it will switch to IBM's Power4 or Power5 for it's server line while having the 970 in it's workstation and desktop lines. Remember the Power line of processors should run Mac OS X without a hitch.
Nothing will change. Apple sells us a poor product (under-powered, and generation of technology behind) at extreamly high prices. Just like our government when it is under the control of liberal leadership. Tax & Spend, baby! But, I'm sure Mr. Gore is an smart guy. Opinions of different people are... different. Because his political opinions are differnet than mine doesn't make me believe he's a poor business man. I don't want the guy to be the President, but I'm sure...
on a Rev. C iMac, a Blue & White G3, a AGP G4, and a Dual 1.25. I want to make two partitions on the drives, one UFS for Mac OS X and it's applications, and one Mac OS Extended for Classic and it's application (QuarkXPress). We are making the switch to InDesign and I will be deleting the "Classic Partition" when the switch is done. This will keep my OS X partition clean. BTW, what size should I make the Classic partition? Bad idea or good idea?
I replaced the original 32MB with 128MB, plus the 128MB I added when I first purchased it, that's 256MB. I hope that'll do. I'm going to install OS X this afternoon.
The largest Apple reseller and service center in northern Indiana told me that 128 was the most it would take. He said that sometimes 256 works and sometimes it didn't. He suggested I play it safe. Then he sold a 128MB low profile SODIMM for $40.00 Lessoned learned, always pull a chair up to the Genius Bar and have a chat with the other patrons before making any decisions [ 03-13-2003: Message edited by: fahlman ]

Apple's specification state that 256MB is the maximum. iMac (All Models): Memory Specifications and Upgrades Manufacturers of RAM, (Crucial,...
FreeBSD is actually at version 5.0. FreeBSD 5.0 Release Announcement Let's hope that Apple had access to a pre-release of 5.0 and has built 10.3 on top of it. Though it's interesting that FreeBSD has not been officially ported to a PowerPC processor yet. See link. FreeBSD PowerPC Project
tommy, are you suggesting that InDesign doesn't have a "collect for output" option? Have you ever made a PDF file? 1 file, fonts and images imbedded. If I misunderstood you, I apologize. Off subject, I work for a small publisher that, well, publishes four monthly newspapers and a monthly magazine. Tomorrow morning we deliver the final XPress file to the printer. From here on out it's InDesign and PDF files. Oh, really off subject, I just installed our dual 1.25 with 1.25GB...
Hello, my name is Ryan, and I'm a tab-oholic.
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