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Apple's specification state that 256MB is the maximum. iMac (All Models): Memory Specifications and Upgrades Manufacturers of RAM, (Crucial,...
FreeBSD is actually at version 5.0. FreeBSD 5.0 Release Announcement Let's hope that Apple had access to a pre-release of 5.0 and has built 10.3 on top of it. Though it's interesting that FreeBSD has not been officially ported to a PowerPC processor yet. See link. FreeBSD PowerPC Project
tommy, are you suggesting that InDesign doesn't have a "collect for output" option? Have you ever made a PDF file? 1 file, fonts and images imbedded. If I misunderstood you, I apologize. Off subject, I work for a small publisher that, well, publishes four monthly newspapers and a monthly magazine. Tomorrow morning we deliver the final XPress file to the printer. From here on out it's InDesign and PDF files. Oh, really off subject, I just installed our dual 1.25 with 1.25GB...
Hello, my name is Ryan, and I'm a tab-oholic.
Microsoft will 1) make VPC, or like I prefer to call it "Windows: mac", a much better application. 2) give Windows: mac away for almost nothing, maybe absolutely free as a bundle which includes WindowsXP, to keep people from using the alternative Windows emulators that are/will be available for OS X, increasing the "market share" to almost 100%, because Microsoft doesn't care if you running Windows on a $500 home-built AthlonXP box or a $2,700 Macintosh. All they care...
Hey! That's my IP address [Laughing] Just kidding. Just a few numbers off though. People who have broadband should run firewalls and virus software.
I recently began working for a small company who publishes 4 monthly newspapers and a monthly magazine. One of my first jobs was to acquire "legal" software. It saved them almost $2,500 to buy 4 Adobe Design Collections instead of upgrading their 2 XPresses, buying 2 new XPresses, upgrading 1 Photoshop, 3 new Photoshops, upgrading 1 Illustrator, 3 new Illustrators, and 4 new Acrobats. Has anyone else made the switch to InDesign? Our printer is a Quark shop and isn't...
Flounder- I'm glad to see someone having a little fun! If I ever make it back to the Twin Cities we'll have a beer or see a Twins game. Go Twins. Koskie for league MVP!
Kid- Actually 3 weeks from the day I made my post is February 27. Really close to March but still Feruary.
http://www.macosrumors.com/ [quote] ATi sources report that despite problems with certain component suppliers for their Radeon 9700 Pro graphics cards that Apple is offering along with the new 2003 PowerMac G4s, the first 9700-equipped PowerMacs should begin shipping in about three weeks.
Looks like we'll have them in three weeks. [ 02-06-2003: Message edited by: fahlman ]

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