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According to this support document at Apple's site v1.1 is only necessary for people who have moved Safari outside of the Applications folder. It is not intended to be applied by everyone to fix a flaw in v1.0. This maybe your problem, Hattig. Try applying the update. Edit: Added link.
I have a relative who suffers from schizophrenia and this sounds similar to the paranoid delusions he had. He was pretty sure the guy that lived down the street who drove the van with his plumbing company logo on the side was really an informant for the police. At the time my relative was friends with another young kid who sold pot to the other local kids. He was convinced the van was loaded with audio and video surveillance equipment. Your friend should seek help.
He is clearly asking if it is possible to produce one application that would successfully execte on a Mac with a PowerPC or Intel (Mactel) processor in addition to a computer which is running Windows (Wintel). Is it that confusing?
He clearly defines the term "universal trinaries" after he introduces the term. I'm going to have to reference the posting guidlines but I'm pretty sure that a poster has to have at least a thousand posts before he can coin a term without being beat to death by other posters who also have thousands posts of their own.I think onlooker is just mad that no one ever answered his question of what a mactel is from two months ago and is still harboring hurt feelings and is using...
Try BootCD.
IIRC, the entire application has run native or in Rosetta. No mixed code.
Yeah, thay had plans to drop 50% of their customer base.
Install an instance of Stanford University's folding@home client on each of your processors if you'd like to see all four of them working at 100%. You'll also help cure cancer.
As a replacement for Photoshop? Or InDesign?
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