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Is anyone an expert on T-Mobile's plans? I am beyond confused and they aren't helping me understand. I recently signed up for a hotspot and did not want to sign any contracts and wanted to pay for the device up front in full. Their website lead me to believe that I should do the Simple Choice No Credit Check option, so that is what I went with.   When I got the device I had a horrible time getting it activated, since their system relies on the last 4 of your SSN, which...
I wouldn't doubt that in 3-5 years you may need new bands. My comment said that there is no way that they will make you get new bands every single version, which it sounds like you are in agreement with.
Isn't using mm standard in the watch biz?
I agree, I think Apple should have sold all 3 models with a black sport band and then let you buy what bands you want. They would only have to worry about 3 SKUs that way and everyone could be happy. Forcing me to spend $1099 to get the black stainless steel body is ridiculous, but I am sure that is their intent. There is no way that they will require new bands with every version of the watch. The ONLY saving grace to buying a $1k watch now would be that you can re-use the...
Just because (in your opinion) the milanese loop and classic buckle don't look as good on the black case, doesn't mean that it is any less customizable. Until you see these bands on this watch in-person, it is hard to make that claim. I intend on getting the space grey sport and pairing it with the milanese loop and classic buckle.
I do know that he was a dick during the Verge's live blog of the event. Every post was a snarky comment about the watch. 
My understanding is that the links don't require tools to remove as their is a built-in mechanism within each link. I don't understand your last statement. Are you saying if Apple doesn't cater to the obese the watch will not be successful?
In September they said that the watch had NFC built-in.
I don't think you can do this. One of the "design" elements of the link bracelet was that the links increase in size as they near the casing.
How did you come across the fact that any band works with any watch? This is in direct conflict with what other sites are posting and Cook made it sound like there would be some compatibility issues.
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