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I noticed the feature last night, before I saw this article, and then tonight it is no longer there. Anyone else have it disappear?
Just in case there were others out there that have had issues with unread counts not showing, I found a solution that seems to work for me. Basically it requires you to remove your mail accounts, rename some system folders (to force new ones to get created) and then re-create your mail accounts. My mail is still syncing, but my unread counts are back again and accurate:   Hold down the option key and go to Go > Library > Mail and rename the Mail folder...
 BS. Gmail is one of the most reliable services out there.
No, I have not tried that. I appreciate the suggestion for the workaround, but I really think this issue needs to be fixed by Apple. It worked fine in 10.8 and was broken in 10.9. I have other apps and the web interface to get my by, but I really had my hopes up that this would finally get fixed.
Did you see my prior post? I cannot get an unread count on my Gmail and Google Apps inboxes and therefore cannot get an unread count on the dock icon. This has been an ongoing issue for me since upgrading to Mavericks. In addition to this, if I read emails on Gmail they either take forever or never get marked as read in Mail. I don't know if this update fixed that, but it most certainly did not fix my unread count issues.
What problems are you having? Just wondering if they are the same as mine.
 Mine is set to "Inbox Only". If I switch it to "All Mailboxes" I get an unread count in the dock, but that includes unread in trash and elsewhere. When I look at the inboxes within Mail, only iCloud ever shows an unread count next to the box and therefore the dock. Gmail and GApps do not show the unread count even though there are unread messages in the inbox.
This is bogus! My Mail count is still not working! I have a Google Apps, Gmail, and iCloud account setup in Mail. I get an unread count in the corresponding Archive folder, but not in the Inbox folder. Therefore, I do not get a badge count on the dock. Why is this still not working?!
Yea, I agree. They all work great with their own "clients". At work we switched from Exchange to Google Apps and half the company is pissed because they don't like Gmail's UI and want to use Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. But none of them support Google's oAuth and the company doesn't want unsecured access to mail so we are screwed.
I agree. I have a Google Apps account and a regular Gmail account and the read messages do not update for hours when read on another device. My Google Apps never gives me an unread count in the dock. Blue dots and unread count on the "archive" folder, but nothing on the inbox folder or dock. After trying this "trick" I am now not getting a count on the Gmail account.
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