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post more
dont die, post more pictures
ordered the magic mouse, anyone know how it is
new setup coming soon, what hd should i get
im going to update my set-up once i get a new desk, and anybody recomend any recomended periphels
we need more picturessssssss
nice setups to everyone
nice setup
Sometimes on my new aluminum apple wireless keyboard (the aluminum one with white chicklet like keys) the keys feel squishy and make a loud clicking sound. also they take like a milli-second longer then normal to move up so it feels very squishy. it is about 6 months old and i think it might be dirt in the keys or becuase they are getting old. i tried cleaning it with a keyboard compress air cleaner but that did not really help. what can i do to fix it. please help
I finally updated my setup and got new pictures of it. iMac setup Logitech Z-5500 Controll Pod MASSIVE logitech Z-5500 Sub, AMAZING iMac runing 40+ programs.. Because it can Thinnivation: Apple wireless keyboard and mighty mouse (needs to be redone) elgato eyetv 250 plus (SUCKS, return it day after i bought it, be smart just get a regaular tv) Custom ipod touch dock
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