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nice setup
any more
why not a cell phone
how much would it cost right now if i dropped my verizon $9.99 add a line plan and got a 16gb iphone on my moms side existing family talk plan i think it is $175 to cancell $300 for iphone $40 dollars a month to add an iphone which would total ip to about 500 to cancel +40 a month correct me i i am wrong please
Also if anyone is maybe willing to trade old macbook pro 15" for ths 24" imac i be willing to buy it
i like how the imac has a large screen but i am intrested in the portability of the new macbookthe programs are license and fully running
I purchased an iMac in May and now i am willing to sell it to get the new macbook. The iMac is in Excellent Condition and comes bundled with software The specs on the iMac are the following: 24" 1900 X 1200 glossy screen 2.8ghz (6MB shared L2 cache at full processor speed and 1066MHz frontside bus) 2gb (800 MHz) ram 320gb Hard drive 8x slot loading dvd drive Also would Come with all the Apple manuals Wireless Keyboard Wireless Mouse Extra Software included...
i have a sheild like that from the apple store and it works perfectly keeping it clean, scrath free andgoos, but i think if i dropped it it might break, DUHHH. but i havent tried tht. to keep it clan and scrathc free, get a protection shield like invisable sheild, but if umight drop it on if u dnt have pockets get like a rubber case or cse with a belt clip
oo and btw if ur going to use photoshop cs3 i get 2.5ghz macbook pro, and to get the refurbished one which is 2149 instead of 2499, save 350just becuase it refurbish doesnt mean anything bad
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