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get the 2.4ghz white one, it is way better you get 2.4ghz instead of 2.1ghz 1gb of ram will make aplications and multitasking faster 40gb more of hdd space for movies or games or wahatever supperdrive sou can burn dvds and in the long run it will be great for 3-5- even 10 years and btw to make it 100 dollars less go to the education store on the apple store online. i dont even go to college anymore. all i did was select a college and boom i saved money. they...
updated my setup - 24" iMac 2.8ghz 2gb ram (update to 4gb soon), 320gb hdd, 256 ati radion graphics card, leopard - logitech z5500 digital computer 5.1 speakers (best ever) - Mybook 500gb hdd - hp photosmart printer not pictured
this just basically seems like an update to leopard, why not just do this as like 10.5.5 or instead of os x, when not os 11 if this will be faster and the Intel era with no power p.c. support
im not that all hyped on the new iphone with 3g and gps because, a lot of places still have wifi, and i can always use my own at my home. And in my opionon the gps is cheap and i have a tom-tom 730 which is ay better than the iphones one. So i am wondering is there any way to buy the old iphone and where? and if i get it, can i still activate it my home??
any more
what would be like the best peripheral for a mac im guessing this mouse: wireless mighty mouse or logitech g9 keyboard: wireless appe keyboard, logitech dinovo, or even the new Microsoft on that is wireless and illuminated and organically shaped speakers: logitech z5500 digital or bose companion 5
yessssssssssssssssssssssss the closest without micro sd is probalbly 4, and microsd only goes to 8gb at the moment ( i think actualy 16 but not 100% sure) and 32 woiuuld be insane for flash and a phone
i know thatand that at&t, sprint and a bunch of other carries around the world use differnet types of technology which is faster and urses sim card, that is why i said hopfully but my question is how much does it cost to switch from verizon to at&t. And can i get the iphone data plan that is $30 dollars and be a $9.99 line or do i have toget the minimum minutes a month which is 40, with the 30 iphone data plan which would make me pay 70. so basically can i only pay 40 a...
o thanks for the advice, i hope by the time my contract is over the iphone can hopfully magically go to verizon and apple can screw at&t
I know people have already done this topic but I want to get an easier answer Currently I have verizon and my plan is going to end sept of 2009. When my plan ends, I am thinking of switching to AT&T for the iPhone. If I switch to AT&T I would be on the $9.99 extra line. Now my question is is how much would of cost to switch from verizon to AT&T and how much a month would the iPhone cost. I wondering if I am one of the $9.99 lines, can I just upgrade to the...
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