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have same imac, exactly, it is sickkkk -it is pretty fast 2.8ghz, haven't tried games on it -love the huge 24", 1900X1200 resolution on the screen. huge made me get over the macbook and macbook probecuasei love the screen size -2 gigs of ram is ok but sometimes a little slow, i am going to upgrade to 4gb soon. makes boot up really fast, take 30- 31 seconds to boot-up (fasttttt) -hard drvie is good and when it full just a usb or firewire will be good, firwire...
hello i have the logitech z-5500 Digital speakers (link: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/sp...s/224&cl=us,en) i mostly listen to music and watch movies. a lot of listening to music and i want to have great sound the logitech z5500 does have Dolby Digital Pro Logic II on it and decodes the sound so it plays like that but i am wondering if i should get a sound card for my imac. on the back of the control pod, it has 6 chanel direct ( 3 3.5mm cables), and...
in the metropolitan area 3g on att is great but so many people go with verizon, service great for regualr phone calling and text but internet and videos streaming sucks
nice screensavers, and keyboard on the right, like t he setupd
why does the new iphone cost 70 a month, would it still cost 70 a month if i am one of the 9.99 lines or only 40 with the 30 data plan
this gets me really confused that especially apple would do this the new 3g 8gb Apple Iphone will cost $199 a 8gb ipod shuffle cost $199 shouldnt they lower the other prices of the ipod if they lower the iphone to 199 now i think no one wants to get an ipod touch becuase its 100 dollars more for a 8gb and 16gb. they should lower the prices of those ipods too. i hope they do
i like the 2 screens on the top nice style
nice air, really thin and cool looking
oo cool and bt i have the same table from staples
in 3-4 years, should i get the macbook air or the macbook pro for a laptop in college. i am guessing that if by then the air can be as fast as the macbook pro then yes, but what do u think
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