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what speakers are those and what do do recording for
all of these are great for the iphone, but i dont want my phone to be able to do all those features, becuase simply it would run oout of battery really fast, so apple better coupe with tht, and give like 10 battery will brightness full, atching movei and haveing gps all at once
I think the current macbook air is great for a portability factor and other aspects. i dont have one currently but i will probably get one in 2-4 years this is what i would hope it to have 2.4ghz intel core 3 duo 256 ssd 4gb ram solar rechargeable batter with 10 hrs fully charged with wifi on full length touchpad covering the bottom pat of macbook air touchpad OLED screen with ssd backlighting, 120hz and a resolution of 1900 X 1200 2 usb, 1 firewall .05mm- .5cm...
that looks so much like case its fake duhhhhhhhhhhh
did i tdhockeyfan424 start this like before
since 64 cost about 800 this one might cost $4000
Samsung has just released a new 256gb SSD that will come out during Q4. It is 1.8" so it may be in the macbook air and in the ipod classic. Maybe Apple will release it at Macworld 2009? Maybe they wont? What do you think? Article is at www.engadget.com
got the tom tom 720 already
how about a scroll ball that is a little bigger and to make it work in the air like the logitech one
heres mine what i have:24" 2.8ghz imaclogitech z-5500 digital speakerswireless mighty mouse and wireless keyboard16gb ipod touchand a hp photosmart printer u can't see
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