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how do u get a picture of ur screen because on a mac there is no print screen button like on a pc keyboard, also it bight be because i have the wireless one
i am looking for a gps for fathers day. what i want are these specs - one a screen at least 4 inches -speaks out streets names - bluetooth - easy to read map - good waypoints - any other cool features that come with a gps i heard of some good brands like garmin and tomtom my price limit is about 400 any recommendations please leave them
what they should do i put a camera like right behing the monitor in the middle so when like u have an ichat u look at yourself and the camera
holy crap so many people commented on this and after the udate i got an imac. got the 24" 2.8ghz with the 512mb graphics card its so sickkkkkkk btw get logitech z5500 speakers because they iamcs speakers sound tiny and crappy u can get these speakers for only 200 at tigerdirect.com
i have a question. what is the differance between macworld and wwdc
im just wondering what do you think the iphone new features are: here what i think 1) 3G 2) 16, 32gb 3) more colors like nanos colors 4) gps 5) more games post what you think
noo this is way better -70" OLED 1,000,000 Contrast -2 Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 (12MB, 3.2GHz Factory O/C'd to 3.8GHz) 8 cores -128 GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz OC'd up to 1600MHz 16 slots -4 512gb SSD, totaling ~2TB -4 NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 1.5GB (Stereo 3D, two dual-link DVI) -wireless z (10gb) , 100gb ethernet cat 10 -Wireless Optimus Maximus keyboard with 200 customizable buttons and 10' mimic trackpad LCD (so u can see the screen on the...
thats cool
yes, you should get the ipod touch now. also instead of having to pay for games like appl will do, you an jailbreak it and get way more games and applicatonion all for free. its so simply to jailbreak. go to ziphone.org anddownload the jailbreaking program on weather u have a mac or pc. then follow the simply steps
I am wondering if anyone as a sick mac setup. It can be any mac, like an imac, mac mim, mac pro, macbook etc. cuase i got mine and i think its awsome here is mine
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