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im stuck i like the small size and factor of the shure one partically the 410 or close to that becuase its fair price on amazon. 400 mark 130 off. but im my opionon bose sounds better i will wrty the bose ones for 30 days and if i love them il stick with them
this trick works with the ihome. i think it should also work on any computer or music device with a line in and a line out. its very simply i figure it out becuase my ihome sound is low. so i took the plug with 3.5 millimeter plug on each end and plug it in to the in and out and it made the volume about 25% louder. it helps becuase the ihome is really low note i tried it on my old ihome5 i am getting a new pair soon
i checked it out today and since it didnt shipp yet they fixed the order and updated it im probaly gonna get it so soon i cant wait
today I ordered my new iMac 24" 2.4ghz with 2gb of ram and got the wireless keyboard and mouse. I am wondering if apple updates the iMacs can I send mine in becuase I probably won't get mine for 3-5 days and the updates would come on Tuesday. If I can send it I'm what do I have to do and how can I do it. Also if they changes the ram to 2gb standard do I get 100 back because I updated it Please help apple udated ti to the new imacs at no aditional cost, i now got...
I am thinking of getting new headphones for my ipod touch and i am wondering what is the best headphone for: 1) sound quality 2)noise cancelation i have a couple in mind -Bose Quiet Comfort 3 i like the on ear and from reviews they sound nice -Creative Aurvana X-Fi headphones from review sound good -i hear shure a good company but never tried out one - any other brands i would appreicat it please help me
How do u connect it digital and what plugs do I need to connect it digitally to my iMac
what do people recomend on the logitech z-5500 is it good with an imac
over at gizmodo.com they saw that there will be iMacs updates this Tuesday. From the website geeksugar.com was were the rumor came from. This website also was the one who guessed the new MacBook and macbook pros. They saw there will be only hardware upgrades. I'm guessing this: -2.4ghz(basic), 2.5ghz(better 20 with option for 2.6), 2.6ghz(basic 24"), quad 2.4( better 24) -320gb hdd 20", 500gb 24", 750 better 24" -1gb ram basic, 2gb ram all other -better iSight...
quick question. Are the Bose companion 5 really worth it. I heard it at the store and compared to the companion 3 they blow them away. I just want to know are they worth the $400?
I am wondering on what tv application that will let me watch tv on my iMac. My iMac is the 24" 2.4ghz with 2gb of ram. I am wondering between getting the slimgbox solo or the elgato 250 plus. For mysetup if I got the slimgbox. I have an hd verozon fios box in my basement and I would split an 100 Ethernet cable from my xbox to use on for xbox and the other to the slimgbox. If I got the eyetv 250 plus I have a coax cable in my room. The price difference...
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