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How does it affect battery life?
 You are assuming sedan. I got the 2014 EX-L V6 Coupe, no nav.
 ...which you are already paying, so this is a silly argument. Further, if you are unhappy with any given Map application, you can switch to another one. I have Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze all ready to go at a moment's notice. As such, I do not think built-in auto navigation systems can hold a candle to an iPhone (or iPad or whatever portable device you choose) navigation solution, at least as far as cost and versatility go. The one area I'll give in-dash navigation...
 Not so. I just bought a new top of the line Accord but was able to get it without navigation, which saved me $2000. Yet I still got Siri Eyes Free and all the other luxuries. This is a short-sighted choice by Hyundai that is going to lose them sales to other manufacturers.
As a skier who keeps my iPhone (sealed) on my person while I ski, I can only imagine how it would register when I lose it and have a "yard sale" on the slopes. When I'm trying to dig myself (and my skis) out of the snow, the last thing I need on top of that is to have my iPhone loudly alarming in my pocket. Do not want.
And this is exactly why Apple waits until other companies "test the waters" before releasing a product. Apple just got taught by Fitbit what not to do.
 This. The entire point of a university is to disseminate information, not to patent it and withhold it.
 I'm dismayed how many of you are falling for this. The "cost" of data is a manufactured one. It is not as if AT&T is paying someone else to carry data. They are the data carrier! They can make the data "cost" whatever they want. There is no "savings" to be found here by anyone. There is just more profit for AT&T by making both ends of a data transmission pay for it. Stop buying into the deception!
 And the reason you can't do this now is because....?
Is the song any good?
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