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Aaaaand chipworks.com is down. AI hug of death?
I would use an FM tuner in my phone if I could.
Sweet. We all needed some good news this Monday.
Is this article entirely correct? You can download 2016 without a 365 subscription, but you can't *use* it without a 365 subscription. At least I wasn't able to when I attempted to try the Beta previously. Can anyone comment?
 Not sure if that was a typo or a joke.  If the former, I doubt they'd use a part of Yosemite as another name.  If the latter, well-played.
I've been hoping for La Brea.
 You don't know that. You DEFINITELY don't know that.
Didn't I hear somewhere that this tablet will cost north of $2000? It's time for Blackberry to die. I hold no animosity towards them; but their attempts to stay alive are becoming so desperate, so futile, it's really painful to watch. Like a badly wounded animal, there comes a time when you just have to put them out of their misery.
New Posts  All Forums: