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 You're calling someone else daft when you claim a single letter by a single CEO to a single newsman somehow reversed the entire stock market. Oh, which it didn't, because the world markets are continuing as I type this to decline, just as they did before the letter. Are you a fanboi of Mr. Cook much??
So much this. Of all people for Cook to interact with, why the hell did he choose Cramer?!?
 She's from Pennsylvania. Not too many of us up here say "y'all." 
 Actually, no, you're wrong. A new name and a new number do not always mean a major update. You've been around here long enough to know better than to make that claim. 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.8 Mountain Lion, and 10.11 El Cap are all specifically efforts by Apple to solidify the previous release. They have fewer new feature and more bug fixes and minor refinements. Those are very specifically stated Apple goals. 
 There really is no good reason why they can't  offer a retrofit for 2014 and 2015 cars. They are simply choosing not to.  That is no Bueno.
 You all seem to be missing the bigger point; to stop the practice from happening in the future. It's not about past losses but preventing future loss and making employers treat their employees better. 
As expected, the anti-worker, pro-big-business types are out in force. It really is sad that you all side with those who make the rules and not those are subject to them. What happened to this country? We used to band together for good, but now employees are somehow all demonized for "being greedy" whereas corporations are sainted for "being profitable". But they're the same thing. You are all worker bees yourselves. Why are you so quick to cast stones at your fellow...
 That said, if you do have a backup Mac, don't hesitate to try 10.11. I've found it pretty stable...not bug free, but stable.
 Apparently Tim Cook disagrees with you, considering he wrote "Is this true?" upon learning of the practice. I will side with Tim Cook over your attitude.
 I call shenanigans. I have *never* been approached by anyone upon leaving an Apple Store after a purchase or service. *Ever*. There aren't even people stationed at the door for me to show my receipt to if I wanted to.
New Posts  All Forums: