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As a skier who keeps my iPhone (sealed) on my person while I ski, I can only imagine how it would register when I lose it and have a "yard sale" on the slopes. When I'm trying to dig myself (and my skis) out of the snow, the last thing I need on top of that is to have my iPhone loudly alarming in my pocket. Do not want.
And this is exactly why Apple waits until other companies "test the waters" before releasing a product. Apple just got taught by Fitbit what not to do.
 This. The entire point of a university is to disseminate information, not to patent it and withhold it.
 I'm dismayed how many of you are falling for this. The "cost" of data is a manufactured one. It is not as if AT&T is paying someone else to carry data. They are the data carrier! They can make the data "cost" whatever they want. There is no "savings" to be found here by anyone. There is just more profit for AT&T by making both ends of a data transmission pay for it. Stop buying into the deception!
 And the reason you can't do this now is because....?
Is the song any good?
I just learned about the 12 Days app and was about to install it when I learned what the first two "gifts" had been. This whole thing just turned into a big pile of NOPE.
 Stop. Just stop. YOU are the one acting "holier than thou" with your blanket condemnation of all jailbreakers. I'm among those who have jailbroken and I have never once pirated an app. Why the hell would I bother to save 99 cents?!? I jailbreak to have a customized phone. And it's my phone, I'm allowed to do whatever I want to it regardless of how much control of my life you want to have. Try learning to live and let live, and stop condemning others who don't do exactly...
Of course. Haven't you learned yet that Apple can do no right? /s
"Severe constraint"? I ordered mine (64Gb, engraved, T-Mobile) late on launch day and it's already shipped, due this week. I don't think having to wait a week for a product makes it "severely constrained." Have we all become that impatient??
New Posts  All Forums: