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 Apparently Tim Cook disagrees with you, considering he wrote "Is this true?" upon learning of the practice. I will side with Tim Cook over your attitude.
 I call shenanigans. I have *never* been approached by anyone upon leaving an Apple Store after a purchase or service. *Ever*. There aren't even people stationed at the door for me to show my receipt to if I wanted to.
Do you work weekends? No? Then don't expect others to either.
Just because they made a couple of minor tweaks does not mean it is not the same image.
 The moment you claim the law is not meant to be taken literally, you step into the morass of "intent of the law" vs "letter of the law". Once you start interpreting intent, the defendant is able to start questioning the reason behind the law. As in, "is the law meant to prevent distracted driving? Yes? Well, I wasn't distracted. The nature of Apple Watch allows me to keep my eyes on the road and my hands on the wheel much better than if I were using a radio built into the...
 That's not even remotely true. Have you read anything about how the Apple watch was designed? It was specifically programmed and tested and reprogrammed to allow interactions to take place in 5 seconds or less. The entire point of the watch is to be less distracting than the iPhone. It was very specifically made to be the exact opposite of what you are claiming. So please stop spreading your misinformation.
 Really?  REALLY???  This is genuinely looking for something to be upset about.  
 Because WWDC is about software, not hardware. Has been for years. True, there were times in the now distant past when hardware was revealed at WWDC, but those days have been gone since before Steve's death.
 This is called an "ex post facto" law. Literally, "after the fact," and it is generally not considered moral in modern jurisprudence systems. This is because those being accused of the new laws had no way of knowing the new law and its consequences at the time they committed the act. Ex post facto laws are expressly forbidden by the U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3.) In some nations that follow the Westminster system of government, such as the UK, ex post...
I acknowledge the existence of Obama hate on the internet, but why is there a picture of Obama next to an article about Australia levying fines on Apple? What on earth could POTUS have to do with that??
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