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I've never figured out what Gazelle does with all those phones. I know there's a market which you can see by going on eBay. But that's a *lot* of phones to resell, so I doubt they want to resell them one by one. Is there a bulk way for them to sell pallet loads of iPhones somewhere? Asia perhaps?
 Are you being deliberately obtuse or are you trolling yourself? 
I'm missing something with regard to Bose waiting to file. Multiple people have said "that's normal." But in other threads about patent suits, people regularly defend them by saying "you have to defend your IP or you'll lose them." This implies that if you wait or don't sue, then the defendant can petition the court "it must not have been that important to them; look how they sat on their heels." How does that not apply here? Can't Beats tell the court "they waited 10...
 Agree. However, it's likely a lot of things also changed under the hood. This update just came out today; it will take time for people to test things like stability and compatibility.
 Agreed. I do not recall ever having a Lightning connector come out accidentally.
 I still get entire CRASHES of Safari, even in 7.1.1. There's a particular website, Weather Underground, that allows me to reproduce the crash 100% reliably. Hey Apple; stop adding features and fix the existing software!
 Conspiracy theory much? These drones use publicly-legal frequencies and the military would be violating the law if they jammed those frequencies. A lot of other products use those frequencies too; there would be other complaints by the public if there was jamming taking place.
 Then pay her once she actually completes those responsibilities. Like the rest of us. We don't get pay until we perform.
 How is what they asked for in any way relevant to the decision the jury handed down? Apple was awarded 782x more than Samsung and you are trying to say they are equally guilty. I think your math is way more wrong than you're grasping at trying to say mine is. (It is becoming apparent that you know you are wrong and really are running out of legs to stand on in the argument. Is Samsung paying you to come on here and defend them in any way possible?)
 It is also FACT that Samsung was found guilty of more than one infringement whereas Apple had only one. It is FACT that the jury and the judge both deemed Apple's infringement of a much lesser scale than Samsung's. The world is not black & white, no matter how many times and how hard you try to portray it so.
New Posts  All Forums: