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It's a pity "Serial" sucked...it might turn people off to trying other podcasts.
 When it comes to both hardware and software design, and product direction, he pretty much is. Tim handles management, finances, and supply chain, and leaves making awesome products to Jony.
 I've never understood Madonna hate. She has more talent in her little finger than most people do in their entire bodies. She writes her own music and doesn't need Autotune to sound good. Sure she's a bit weird but so are most artists. What's the issue??
 The value of money is not constant. As such, anything you measure with money should, to be fair, adjusted for inflation. I have no dog in this fight; I don't care if Apple becomes the biggest company ever or not. If they do, good on them, if they don't, I'll continue being an Apple professional. But I don't see a strong argument against adjusting for inflation if the metric you are using is affected by inflation.
 Cars can be turned into bombs too (in fact, much more effective ones). Do we hyper-regulate them as well? Stop with the fear mongering. People have been flying RC planes for nearly a century without significant regulation. It has not been a problem and is not suddenly a problem the moment a new variety of them gets a lot of media hype.
I'm very worried about the details of these new regulations. I started building and flying RC aircraft when I was in Jr. High (ie. long before I was 17). It is very possible for teenagers to fly aircraft responsibly, so I do not understand the "17 or over" requirement. Also having the TSA background check every pilot is excessive government overreach (plus, you can bet they'll charge $100 for it.) This reeks of knee-jerk over-reaction and I really hope the FAA gets...
 Actually, it is. Apple may have 46K employees, but most of those are manufacturing and retail. The core of Apple is run like a startup and they actively attempt to keep it to about 4K employees so they stay "nimble". So 150 employees would be nearly 4% of their foundational workforce.
The reason I am not surprised is that I saw Young on talk shows a month ago peddling this thing. He sounded like a snakeoil salesman. I like his music and his politics, but man he sure sounded shady when he kept trying to make Pono sound like the best thing since sliced bread. It's funny how the harder a salesman tries to push something, the more likely it is the item is baloney. It appears this case is no exception.
I think the main reason to use this would be if you wanted to access your employer's Exchange-based email. (If you didn't already have Good for Enterprise or some other secure means of accessing it already.)
 Actually that's the very reason his opinion should be discounted: He has a very heavily-vested interest in pumping the stock. (Don't get me wrong: I'd love to see AAPL at $200. It's just that if we're to listen to anyone, it should be a neutral 3rd party.)
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