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 A lot of us.
 Here you go:  https://medium.com/@mariociabarra/wifried-ios-8-wifi-performance-issues-3029a164ce94 It outlines the cause of the problem in both iOS 8 and OS X 10.10.x, and how to fix at least the latter. TL;DR:  ifconfig awdl0 down
 I'm pretty sure they weren't, which to me is a good defense. Apple can rightly say "Hey, we did not want to do this. We were forced to by the RIAA. We're the victims here. Go sue them."
 Not even remotely joking. And since one of us (hint: not you) gave a reason behind our position while the other resorted to ad hominem attack, I propose that mine was not the moronic statement.
 It's not "extra money". It is part of their regular work schedule. Most of these stores keep all employees at well under 40 hours a week so they don't get benefits. This is just part-time workers being forced away from families under threat of being fired. So yes, I did consider your scenario. And dismissed it as B.S. PS: Since when do only 60 year old grandmothers want to be with family??
Boycott Best Buy. They are opening at 5PM on Thanksgiving, making their employees work instead of being with family. Stand up for family over saving a few dollars on things you don't really need.
Heaven forbid we actually blame the *perpetrator* for the child's death. No, of course, it's the *phone's fault*. WT actual F??? Cole is high on power and needs to be removed. Now.
 If you think Office is bad, try MS Visio. I swear to god MS must have tried to make that software hard to use. A flowchart that would have taken me 30 minutes in OmniGraffle took me 3 hours in Visio.  D-:
I don't know what I'm going to use this for but I'm pretty sure I want one.
 Tell that to people who lost real money and real customers.
New Posts  All Forums: