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not to mention that the screen on the ipad is much larger as well. who knows how the ratios work out.edit: darn, someone else beat me to it.
I've been in a room with the man and spoke with him. He's unbelievably brilliant, if softspoken. Don't underestimate him in the slightest.
Good for you. I'm betting your on a G network, not N. I was purchasing about 2 years ago when N was coming into play. Most of the non-apple branded routers wouldn't work well in the 5ghz band (which is what I wanted).The first thing I did after taking every single router out of its box and plugging the damned thing in was to check for firmware updates.I feel like the problem would have continued post apple base station...Again, as the software stayed the same, the problem...
this article refers to the latest models... not the one you bought years ago.
Apple's base stations are the most solid routers on the market (at least, they were a year ago). I tried, and gave up on, 4 different brand routers (all significantly cheaper than the Apple base station) including linksys and belkin before settling for the more expensive solution. None of the other routers could sustain a constantly open AIM connection, and many required a couple hours or so of fiddling every week or two to make sure things kept working properly. I've set...
the title for the article was one of the more non-sequiter I've seen in a looooong time. Come on guys. You can do better.
Just updated on a mac mini (last gen) and macbook pro (october '08 model). Both installed just fine, and now feel "snappier". Go ahead and install folks. This one won't bite.
my mac mini is out of date! so sad!
DONT DO IT! If you type them all, you may end up with the "please enter your password" prompt. many carriers use other carrier's "skip to the beep" key as their "log in to hear your voicemail key" just so that people will listen to the whole damned message.
A few things here: 1) "America" is not a country. The "United States of America" is a country. 2) Competitively speaking, the true harm is not to the consumer, but the engineers themselves. In a "no-poach" environment, the engineers are much more likely to be paid less than they otherwise would be (given that salary competition is nearly moot after a hire). As an engineer, I find this result to be slightly annoying (though I'm not sure it should be a federal issue). 3)...
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