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Once SL comes out, you'll need to change this to SLApple! Seriously, thanks for the comments. Very helpful to understand what is and is not going on in the AV world.
Truly surprised, unless I missed it, that no one said VISTA. My wife has changed from a life-long peecee user and stated her intentions to get a MacBookPro at the beginning of 2009. She'll run Windows yet has been thinking of getting an iPhone as well (despite fingernails and the, dare I say it and start the fury - no cut & paste). THIS is a huge shift in her thinking. I give "Vista" a big thanks for helping my wife make the shift and bring IT peace and happiness to my...
w00t! Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US!
THAT was good! Zagat rates that comment as: 28 25 27 $>200
Agreed on the QA. Imagine if APPL releases Snow Leopard and it works, say, like Vista. Can you imagine the headlines: Snow Leopard or SLOW Leopard? Or, Snow Leopard - The New Vista!
200 million downloads - yes, that about says it all. I guess it is how you define "innovation".
Thank you - THAT was helpful!
Lots of research shows the pitfalls of multi-tasking on productivity and safety. Better watch out in the future as you listen to your messages and take your mind off of driving the car! Having lead a teleclass for a group of coaches in Japan where I went through a translator - it was the most nerve wracking experience I've had in leading ANY conference call or face-to-face presentation (small group to Emcee with 600 people). Being able to translate on the fly like that...
Does anyone have a contact person in Apple's training program or a method to reach them? Email me directly byron at ConferenceCallTraining.com Thanks!
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