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It is interesting to see Apple open more retail outlets as the number of people switching to their products grows. One trip to the Genius Bar would make a convert out of anyone! Sounds like CC is reading the handwriting on the wall and will take the loss in 2008 rather than 2009 to be smart tax-wise.
Got my text at about 10:30 am Central today. Traveling tomorrow for about 17 days so I look forward to the test drive!
Thank you. As an upcoming author (business book although some would say communication via conference call and virtual meetings really is fiction! ) I appreciate your input. e-books are an important part of my business plan and your insight helped me to refine my strategy. I like the feel of a book and that just comes with being a baby boomer. That said, I'm finding that reading via my iPhone (blogs, websites) is acceptable, especially when I have that extra 15 minutes....
Must have happened - APPL is up $3.86!!!
Maybe the next series of ads that M$ could run: WWVD? (What would Vista do) At least in the Seinfeld ads, you had some mystery and confusion as to figuring out what they were doing and looking for thing. Agreed with after the first five "I'm a PC" there is nothing left to see and once I've seen it, who cares. My wife is now seriously considering the switch to MacBookPro from her PC - she will not run Vista under any circumstance. THIS is a significant change...
This seems oddly similar to the Original Coke (XP) and New Coke (Vista) debate. Although New Coke tasted better in blind taste tests, people were sentimental about Original Coke. While I admit it is a stretch comparing Coke to an OS, there does seem to be a connection here. Perhaps WM 7 will be Diet Coke with less bloat!! Edit: This morning during a meeting with a friend who is looking at switching from his PC to a MacBook - he was somewhat surprised when I recommend he...
It is interesting to see how companies are using the tilt sensors in applications - that video segment on seeing the geo-tagged photos was stunning.
is it just me or is there a significant trend taking place with the market for Apple: • iPhone out sells RIM this past Qtr • Apple continues to innovate (as Jobs said was THE key way forward after the dot.com bust) • Dell is selling mfg plants • Vista is, well, enough said •Large numbers (sorry - recent AI article this week) of Apple retail stores are to people converting to Macs from PC • Apple has 0 debt and $25B in cash anyone else see a pattern...
Since when does being arrogant and abusive to Apple in public win you business? LMAO over the many great comments made!
What I'm curious about is with the move to Intel, why develop Mac games at all? I admittedly do not know how well COD4, etc. games run on Mac computers running XP/Vista work. Can you run a PC title using XP/Vista on an Intel Mac with any luck or does Parallels/Bootcamp make it impossible?
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