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No, it is not. What does need to be addressed is the process by which short selling occurs. Specifically (thought not in technical financial language), people have been able to short a stock without putting up any money behind the short sale. THIS is where people got into trouble. Short selling is a natural part of the market IF done properly. This is a bad time in the US stock market and IF we don't get this handled quickly, foreign money will leave. THAT will be a big...
A number of posts have made comments about Ballmer, Gates, and Dell not being "smart". I believe they are quite smart and we are missing the point here. What is off here is perspective, not intelligence. Jobs held the perspective that opening Apple computers system to the world was not a smart path and it nearly didn't survive. Ballmer, Gates, and Dell hold a business approach that has worked quite well. Optimal? Not necessarily yet any company that holds 90% market share...
Priceless! Are we missing "Whine" anywhere in this progression? Perhaps after Steal, we could add: Get caught Whine Abuse Customers Apply for Government Bailout
This is a great point here. M$ made money by being the conduit where by hardware talked to software. So, davesmall, is right on here - that is not innovation, it is positioning (and marketing). Furthermore, cases like Xbox 360 and Zune highlight the lack of innovation. Another case in point was made in the articles on Snow Leopard going to full 64-bit while Vista emulated 64-bit using a 32-bit approach (sorry if this is poorly worded - not my strength). Oh, did I mention...
Cool - always wanted to get my iPhD
This is great news. Apple continues to expand their customer base via iPods and iPhones as it continues to innovate around OS X and computers. Way to go Jobs and Company! Now, about the new MBP.......
This is a good point and my comment was narrow in scope. My belief is that all actions have consequences and I'm sure Bill Gates and M$ will have to square up one day, just like all of us. What I admire is that he is actually doing something with the money. I have far too many glass walls to be throwing ANY rocks at other people!
[QUOTE=Marvin;1311295]Pubic charity? You've been watching Dirty Sanchez I think. opps - meant "public"!
didn't you just post yesterday about not liking to make puns?? nice!
not to worry - only the prong will survive!
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