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You forgot to include DOLT or is it dolt.....
It is always nice to see lawyers engaged in meaningful work. What ever happened to the days when you didn't like something, you just returned it and went on with your life?
Imagine what would happen to Apple's stock if all user's were on the same update cycle...
Seems like AT&T is missing a huge opportunity here - make an official patch to allow tethering with iPhone and include it at no extra charge with the existing data package. Would be interesting to see the impact on increasing their customer base and loyalty.
I recall the big push for a "September" announcement by Apple's CFO was, in some part, due to lackluster performance by Apple's stock after the iPhone release. Note I said recall, not quote. I'm sure part of what I've said is wrong. What do you make of this announcement if we put that bit of history back into this discussion? Bummer if the Mac Books are delayed, I'm actually running Panther on my G4 17". We have issues, PB G4 and me, yet it still runs pretty well.
Actually, they've just upgraded this to a 64-bit 12-step program.....you get through it much faster now!
there is just no upside in arguing with solipsism
THAT was helpful! Thank you and contribute nerd-speak anytime!
Thank you - always enjoy reading your posts. Does autobright on/off make ANY difference in speeds? Seems like it would only affect battery life.
THANKS!Has anyone tested their 3G without auto-brightness on? Had not even considered (hey, I'm a tech savvy lightweight) this would/could impact performance? Comments? Possible?Edit:Just did an informal test switching between 3G and Edge with AutoB & wifi off, AutoB & wifi on, AutoB on & wifi off). Then repeated the process twice just to see what happened re. loading one page from my bookmarks. Time ranged from 11 seconds to 17 seconds (full load equals the moment Safari...
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