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  Agreed on both counts. TouchID works great with the Amex app and I hope others integrate it into their apps in the future. Love TouchID!
I really like my iPhone 6. It looks good as far as the width/length paradigm goes. Something I always thought the 5(s) didn't. That said the iPhone 6 is the limit for me. I couldn't go larger. I keep my phone in my pocket and only use it when I need it. I'm not endlessly fiddling with it. If I did have it out all the time I'm sure I would've gone with the 6+. I probably could do away with my iPad if that were the case.
I'm all for a round faced watch but this really isn't a watch and a square would work so much better for Apple Watch's intended use.
I believe there are resellers doing just that. I know for sure they are selling them with a copy of Windows and Parallels.
I think the big difference is Google is championing a "Open" OS, do with it what you like or at least that's what the are always saying. If this article is true then that's not very "open" to me.
People keep saying Nest isn't worth $3.2 billion. "They only make overpriced thermostats and smoke detectors." Well yeah they do but in typical Google fashion they don't want the people, they don't want the design. They want the info. Nest knows when you're home, when you go out, how hot or cold you keep your home, whether you've had a smoke, heat, CO accident. That's extremely valuable information. Mr. Fadell says that information is private and won't be shared with...
I don't want my TV to be smart. I want it to have a beautiful picture and that's that. Audio has already been pretty much eliminated for TV's so that's already done. Just give me a great monitor and a STB that won't hurt much when it becomes outdated. Pretty much what AppleTV is now except I'd really like to see them (Apple) go full bore into getting the most out of it.
  While I agree Google Maps seems to be a more accurate it's far from perfect and seems to get a lot of leeway (can't speak for Nokia). And again it's true you don't need any maps in an area where you're familiar with where you're going but my neighborhood is over five years old and still doesn't show up on Google Maps where it does on Apple Maps. Does it affect me? No. Would it affect someone coming into my neighborhood that isn't familiar? Yes.    None of these mapping...
+1   I'm certainly not denying others that find shortcomings with Maps but I love it. I won't be installing this nor Google Maps if/when it's available.
The dock connector reminds me of the transition from OS9 to OSX. Lots of gnashing of teeth. Lots of FUD. But in the end everyone got a much more robust, secure, and versatile OS. I'm pretty sure this will end up the same way. 
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