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Try starting up in safe mode. That's what mine would do during the previous few betas. When I would start up in safe mode it would finish the install. Something was still wacked about it but it might work for you. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201262
I finally got to update. None of the Public Betas installed correctly since Beta 3. I had to revert to a TM backup each time after 3 (sent bug reports each time). The GM installed perfectly. 
I love my iPad Retina. Use it all the time. The only reason I haven't bought another is it works well and while the newer ones are faster mine is enough for casual web surfing (which is what I have it for) or watching a movie on a plane. I will say it's getting a little long in the tooth and if the rumors of a larger iPad "Pro" model are true I'll be in line for that.
I might. Typically I was on a 2 year upgrade but since AT&T has been pushing the payment system I opted for the 18 month own and 12 month upgrade. I won't say for sure but if there's something compelling I probably will.  I ordered the Apple Watch Sports today. Ships in June which I figure is perfect. I'm not really sure I want one but I figure by the time my gets ready to ship I'll know since it'll have been out a few months and I can see what's what.
Finally! Actually I'm surprised my bank got it this soon. But whatever it's on the list and I just added my debit card to my iPhone.
  Agreed on both counts. TouchID works great with the Amex app and I hope others integrate it into their apps in the future. Love TouchID!
I really like my iPhone 6. It looks good as far as the width/length paradigm goes. Something I always thought the 5(s) didn't. That said the iPhone 6 is the limit for me. I couldn't go larger. I keep my phone in my pocket and only use it when I need it. I'm not endlessly fiddling with it. If I did have it out all the time I'm sure I would've gone with the 6+. I probably could do away with my iPad if that were the case.
I'm all for a round faced watch but this really isn't a watch and a square would work so much better for Apple Watch's intended use.
I believe there are resellers doing just that. I know for sure they are selling them with a copy of Windows and Parallels.
I think the big difference is Google is championing a "Open" OS, do with it what you like or at least that's what the are always saying. If this article is true then that's not very "open" to me.
New Posts  All Forums: