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+1   I'm certainly not denying others that find shortcomings with Maps but I love it. I won't be installing this nor Google Maps if/when it's available.
The dock connector reminds me of the transition from OS9 to OSX. Lots of gnashing of teeth. Lots of FUD. But in the end everyone got a much more robust, secure, and versatile OS. I'm pretty sure this will end up the same way. 
While I agree the US market isn't the end all be all but that's not what this article is about. It's about the problems with Maps (here in the US or elsewhere) and the new dock connector affecting sales. It didn't/doesn't.
So far Maps has been excellent for me. I haven't done anything real taxing with it but it's been great having turn by turn and having Siri set up a travel route. As far as the connector goes I don't have any devices that directly connect to the old 30 pin so I'm good there too. Still can't believe what an improvement the 5 is over my old iPhone 4.
I was on Ars Technica which one would assume has some arguably tech savvy reader talking about how Google added Street View and there was a lot of people that didn't even know it existed in iOS in the first place. You don't miss what you didn't even realize you had. Of course if it's something you knew you had and used then yeah you'll miss it and I've seen plenty of iOS users complain about it. I guess it all comes down to how it affects YOU and your usage. I'm finding...
"Apple is allowed to copy braun but nobody is allowed to copy apple? That does not make sense." You might have a point if Braun made computers.
That's interesting. I'm fifty so I'm either as old as your parents or older probably and I wouldn't consider myself a Luddite by any means. I mean I held of until I could get an i7 iMac since it encodes a lot of video most days but right now I couldn't even tell you what the processor is in my iPad or my iPhone for that matter. They both do what I want them to do. In fact I've never heard any of my friends (in their 30's, 40's and 50's) say they're waiting for a specific...
That exactly what the analyst and the tech pundits said about Apple entering the mobile phone market. Too many players that are already established, too little profit and exactly what could Apple bring?
I've tried the beta and it isn't anything I'd be interested in using. That said OSX freaked a lot of people out that came from OS9.
I just don't see it. It's not much larger than some phones and it's not much smaller than the current iPad. For me at least it doesn't bring anything to the table. Obviously my opinion means nothing because a lot of people sure want this size. I wish they would make a larger iPad.
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