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I feel exactly the opposite. I didn't even consider the iPad2 but now it's time to upgrade. Actually this is the first time I haven't sold my older Apple product to fund a new purchase. My family uses my iPad so much we're just going to keep it. We're a two iPad family now.
Got my shipping confirmation yesterday and it's being shipped via FedEx but the tracking didn't show anything until just a few minutes ago. It's already in Nashville. Too bad it looks like it's not going anywhere until the 16th. Under Details is says "Future delivery requested."
As does Apple. Glad you see and understand that. With such an attitude you'll surely be on Apple's side if the shoe were on the other foot right?
Wow. Just wow.
I agree. I've said that at least WP7 is original. Actually if it weren't for iOS I probably look at a Windows phone but after getting my son an XBox for Christmas and using its UI I'm not so sure now. Regardless it's an alternative to iOS. Android is a mess IMHO.
Exactly. People think the legal maneuvering is like two neighbors going back and forth about building a fence on the property line. They're going to do what's best for the company. Apple needs Samsung and Samsung need Apple.
That's a very astute observation. I used to be a "helper" in the Apple Discussion boards and it was a bloodbath in there when OSX was released initially. And that was at a time when only the Mac faithful were using them.
Off topic regarding MacUdate. Just could never get used to using it. Always went to VersionTracker and loved it…… until C/net bought it and ruined it IMHO. I use the App Store sometime. Interface is pretty familar to iOS users. Is it perfect? No but it ain't bad.
And you expected something else on a Apple-centric website? Seriously you're just here to stir the pot as it were. That's what I don't get. I own a Mac so Windows users call me a Mac fanboy. I have a PS3 so XBox users call me a Sony fanboy. I have a Dodge truck so Chevy and Ford drivers call me a Dodge fanboy……. well you get the picture. Maybe I am. But there's one thing I'm not. I'm not going to Windows, XBox or Ford specific websites and expecting unbiased reporting from...
Well maybe sinking ship is a little strong but at this point I don't see much upside to developing for it. They're just so late to the party. Honestly if I were in the market for a non- iOS phone I'd look at WP7 just because it's enough different to make it compelling to me. Obviously what you've been taught about developing for many platforms is valid and smart, but many just go where the money/volume is and at this point WP7 ain't it.
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