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And all three WebOS developers declined Microsoft's offer. Seriously though I would assume at this point if I were an exclusive WebOS developer I'd be a bit gun shy. MS to me seems like another sinking ship......regardless of whether it's warranted or not.
At first I was with you. I thought it looked like a phone booth then I realized that the cube is still the same, just without the sections and brackets. Man that's some engineering. Some dolt will probably walk right into it since it's much less visible……. at least from the picture.
I wouldn't worry too much. IMHO Android has been "forked" from the beginning. I've always said it's a big forking mess.
I wouldn't do it myself but I see the appeal somewhat. It's a festive atmosphere, everyone all psyched up waiting for their new toy, being one of the first to have it, etc. Again I wouldn't do it but I can see why a lot of people do. Now what I really don't understand is people buying them off ebay later today for WAY more than MSRP.
Are sure Peter? Looks like the tech specs on Apple's page say Video mirroring and video out support: Up to 1080p with Apple Digital AV Adapter or Apple VGA Adapter (cables sold separately)
Yeah it is surprising but they'll cover their base like they did with the sales numbers. Small, smooth, revised, redone, awesome!
I'm assuming and only assuming that iMovie isn't for the original iPad due to the lack of cameras (I know you can get video in other ways but....). I am happy about GB being available for all iPads though.
While I agree there's a lot of people that would probably jump on a keyboard equipped iPhone I just can't see Apple doing one. They design a whole OS for touch and then backstep and add a keyboard? Just doesn't seem very Apple to me. I could be wrong but Apple doesn't conform. Apple makes you do so.
Not sure why "Apple fanatics" shouldn't be mourning Firewire's demise. Far superior to USB1/2. Given a choice in I/O I always go with IEEE1394.
For me a suit without a tie is casual. If it's casual then I don't find his attire at all inappropriate.
New Posts  All Forums: