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Yeah it is surprising but they'll cover their base like they did with the sales numbers. Small, smooth, revised, redone, awesome!
I'm assuming and only assuming that iMovie isn't for the original iPad due to the lack of cameras (I know you can get video in other ways but....). I am happy about GB being available for all iPads though.
While I agree there's a lot of people that would probably jump on a keyboard equipped iPhone I just can't see Apple doing one. They design a whole OS for touch and then backstep and add a keyboard? Just doesn't seem very Apple to me. I could be wrong but Apple doesn't conform. Apple makes you do so.
Not sure why "Apple fanatics" shouldn't be mourning Firewire's demise. Far superior to USB1/2. Given a choice in I/O I always go with IEEE1394.
For me a suit without a tie is casual. If it's casual then I don't find his attire at all inappropriate.
Now that I'd buy. Something that could work WITH my existing TV service. I can see the possibilities. Especially if can be smart enough to know what I'm viewing and can be an adjunct to it. Of course I'd also like to be able to use it as a stand-alone device too.
Don't see it and yes I know I'm not the center of the universe. Smaller cheaper? iPod Touch comes to mind. Just doesn't seem like there's a whole lot gained or lost whichever is the case by a 7" model that isn't already met by the iPod Touch or the iPad at its current configuration.
WAY less dropped calls. Well not WAY less since I didn't have that many with the iP3G. But since I've had my iP4 I've dropped one call and that was in an area that I couldn't even use my old iPhone. I've been nothing but pleased in the iP4.
Ding! Ding! Ding! I don't use my iPhone for a phone often so it's not much of an issue. However when I do make a call I want it to go through and in my experience it has and in situations that my 3G didn't.
I hope you didn't just register to post that.
New Posts  All Forums: