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WAY less dropped calls. Well not WAY less since I didn't have that many with the iP3G. But since I've had my iP4 I've dropped one call and that was in an area that I couldn't even use my old iPhone. I've been nothing but pleased in the iP4.
Ding! Ding! Ding! I don't use my iPhone for a phone often so it's not much of an issue. However when I do make a call I want it to go through and in my experience it has and in situations that my 3G didn't.
I hope you didn't just register to post that.
I'm not a power user by any stretch of the imagination but I do use iCal quite a bit for "to do's and since I got my iPad I've had nothing but trouble syncing between my iPhone, iMac and iPad. Since the beta it's been all good. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong but the iPad was the culprit. I never had any trouble with the iPhone/iMac. Whatever it was the new beta configuration seemed to iron it out.
What I find ironic and a bit confusing is the people on here because they are having troubles with the iP4 just assume that everyone is and if you state you're not your a iSheep, fanboy, Apple apologist, etc. Why is it any different than the people on here that are having troubles (and I believe there are) being shouted down and being told to STFU? None. I find both situations insulting.
Recall just for the sake of getting rid of my iPhone? No. I'm not having trouble with mine but if they have a "corrected model" then yeah I'd exchange it for that. Just because I'm in an area that has good coverage I haven't experienced any trouble and in fact have better reception than my iP3G had doesn't mean I'll always have. But if they came out with a model that unequivocally eliminated any chance losing a signal than sure. Why not?
What no comments? You need to include the keyword antenna in the title. Good news like this is never well received......except by stockholders.
Exactly! Should you have to hold it a certain way? No. But in this case you do (no pun intended). If that's not acceptable to you then times a running out. Return it. If I were dropping calls and data I certainly wouldn't hesitate to do so (especially with the re-stocking fee waived). I wouldn't want to go through the hassle to do it and I would really want the iP4 but if it doesn't work what's the point of having it..... unless it's just to bitch about it.
Wow! Some people just can't be happy. If they never released extensions you'd probably be b*thing because Safari doesn't support them.
All I can say is it's a nightmare for Apple. Regardless if it's an isolated case-by-case issue or not. It's real and it's gaining momentum. I work is a non-tech environment and most people don't know diddly about this stuff. But they're all in on the antenna issue. They know iPods, iTunes, most know about the iPad and everyone has heard about the antenna issue. That's scary or it should be for Apple. I've had my iP4 since launch (actually a day earlier) and before all...
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