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I always wanted wireless syncing but not on my iPhone but on my iPod Nano. I use it while running and most of the time I'm listening to podcasts so I'm continually moving them on and off. Big difference is I hardly ever charge my Nano. That thing can go weeks without a charge due to the fact I'm using about an hour a day. However with my iPhone it's getting charged once a day (sometime even more frequently) and it's syncing while it charges so for me it wouldn't be that...
To be honest I'm not well versed in any of this. That being said if I'm going to inundated with ads I'd rather see advertising from "elite" companies than ads for Viagra or ambulance chasing lawyers.
While I agree it's not much of a solution right now I think you're a bit of a drama queen. Burning your eyes? If the iPad screen burns your eyes I don't see how you function most of the day. Support WEP? Yeah I don't know why they don't support it either....... or hypercard for that matter.
Here! Here! Gianduia sounds like something I need to visit my Dr. about...... and maybe get a shot of penicillin.
I didn't even try going to the Apple Store here. I did check online at BestBuy and they were all sold out. I ended up ordering over the phone and asked the agent if the "Ships in 5 to 7 days" was accurate and he said that's what they've been getting them out at and I should expect it some time around 5/14-5/20. Not bad. I held off this long. I can wait a bit. 64GB WiFi BTW.
I'm sure that statement is supposed to be somewhat (or downright) demeaning but honestly I've tried them all and I still find Safari preferable to any alternative I've used. So for me I've tried them and you're right I can't find better but you're wrong is saying I haven't looked.
Don't get me wrong Apple is as much to blame in the arena as the next guy but man can't these companies just sometimes think that maybe they'll just stay out of something? It's crazy. Microsoft used to be (and still is) notorious for this type of thing and honestly they should just stick with their bread and butter..... software. But Microsoft is far from alone in sticking their nose in EVERY possible thing whether or not it's benefical or not.
It most certainly can replace a computer. For most people it won't be their only device but I see this replacing laptop/netbooks for a lot of people that also have a desktop at home. Honestly my iPhone replaced my MacBook. After getting my iPhone I used my MacBook less and less. I got tired of lugging it around and decided I didn't really need it so it went to ebay.I wasn't using the MacBook for any real work.... just email and surfing mostly. And the iPad is even more...
I'd have to agree in the assumption that all 1 million iPad aren't soley in the US but I'd also find it hard to believe that 50% if them are abroad.
That's what I plan on... getting the 32GB model. At first I was going with the 16 since my 16GB iPhone is only half full but then I saw that the "Elements" app/book is huge. Something over a GB. Not that I'll actually buy it but I figure there's probably going to be other things that will take advantage of the increased horsepower of the iPad and be bigger than most of the iPhone apps. I'm still torn over the 3G though. We vacation a couple of times a year and that's about...
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