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I'd have to agree in the assumption that all 1 million iPad aren't soley in the US but I'd also find it hard to believe that 50% if them are abroad.
That's what I plan on... getting the 32GB model. At first I was going with the 16 since my 16GB iPhone is only half full but then I saw that the "Elements" app/book is huge. Something over a GB. Not that I'll actually buy it but I figure there's probably going to be other things that will take advantage of the increased horsepower of the iPad and be bigger than most of the iPhone apps. I'm still torn over the 3G though. We vacation a couple of times a year and that's about...
Ha Ha! That never gets old.........well sorta.
I'll have to agree with you for business. Apple never really caught on in a big way and they never really pursued it to any great means. However to say they never and I repeat your statement never had any gains in education is just flat wrong. They pretty much were the the default in education computing. Education was one of the main reason they stayed afloat during the lean years. I remember a few years ago before the iEverything became popular people used to say "what...
That's exactly what I'm planning on doing. I won't have a recurring data charge. I'll buy when needed. That and the fact the GPS seems like another compelling feature.
That's probably the best thing I've read about the iPad. And probably true too. A device like this is just screaming for all the multi-media it can handle and the way the iTunes model works I can see providers lining up to monetize on it. I'm not sure about Apple being subsidized enough to pass it on to consumers though.
At this point I have to agree. Of course the iPad isn't released and there's probably some things that haven't come to life yet but I was really expecting something groundbreaking. Or at least that was my criteria for me to be interested in buying one. I have an iPhone, I have a MacBook so the iPad would have to do something that these devices can't or can't with ease. I just don't see it. I guess I could be completely wrong. I wasn't too impressed with the iPod either...
Well if they're wanting to gather information on a $1000.00 price point they can have mine right now....... no way. Actually I'd have to preface that by unless it offers something so totally unique that I can't replicate it by either the iPhone or a MacBook/Pro.
That pretty much echoes my situation. I recently sold my MacBook since it was getting very little use once I got the iPhone. I've been drooling over a i7 iMac and will be purchasing one after the first of the year. For me that's the best of both worlds. Huge screened, smoking fast desktop and a small mobile device for everything else. Now if the tablet is reality I'm a bit more confused. I'll still be getting the iMac but I'm not sure where or if the tablet will fit in....
So far I've been rather impressed with the BestBuy/Apple deal. The one BB I visited had an impressive display and the items were in working order which certainly wasn't the case with CompUSA. Of course I wasn't there to buy anything so I can't speak for their customer service (although I was in the store to buy an HDTV and couldn't get anyone to help me so.....). I actually saw the MacBook Air at BB before I could get a chance to go to the Apple Store.
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