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Apple should release something called AmazonTablet and see what Amazon has to say about that.
Technological advancement being crippled by European regulations.
What are you talking about? AppleTV + Projector + Classroom = Win   What more could a teacher want than to project an interactive text book in a classroom?
  No, what I meant was that the original plan was to let Google handle all of these data services while Apple focused on iOS/Hardware. Android changed that dynamic.
FRAND patents.  Yawn.
    Um....What IP does Google own that Apple wants? All of those FRAND patents? LOL.
  I am pretty sure that was Apple's plan all along until Google decided to roll out Android.
  Exactly.  Passbook leverages existing infrastructure while Google Wallet requires new infrastructure.
  No, the technology Apple is trying to buy would make the screen a fingerprint reader.
I think people are missing the idea. Its not going to be in the home button or a seperate reader.   The fingerprint reader will be the *screen*.   Swipe to unlock? Nope, just click unlock with your thumb and you phone either unlocks or doesn't. No more complex keys and passwords.   Need to make a mobile payment? Just tap the pay button.  No pin required.   Apple doesn't buy companies for solutions that are all over the industry.  They buy companies...
New Posts  All Forums: