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Nice to see what choice and competition is doing for iPhone prices.
  Because you are wrong. http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/24/iphone-4-retina-display-vs-galaxy-s-super-amoled-fight/
  Under your scenario wouldn't it actually push technological innovation as entrepreneurs would be forced to find workarounds? After all, necessity is the mother of all invention.
How is it reasonable to charge a percentage in the first place. Say that the patents relate to 3G.   Just curious, does a 64GB iPad+3G use more "3G" than an iPhone 3GS?
Oracle needs to call these guys up if they appeal their lawsuit against Google.
Like the adapter, hate headphones being on the bottom of the phone.
Nice to see Apple assert some of their QuickTime VR patents. Never understood why they hadn't sooner. People act like the street view stuff Google is doing is something new when in fact Apple was pioneering the technology more than a decade before Google released StreetView.
What a joke. Article titles acts like it was a big fine. That is pocket change. Not going to stop Google from doing it again.
Which is interesting as to why Google alienated themselves from Apple. They could have gone hand-in-hand with Apple down the yellow brick road right to the bank but instead decided to compete with Android. Google could of had it all.
  Pretty sure they have that, its called the iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: