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Germany, Yawn. Get back to me when courts in countries (by that I mean in America) rule on this as those countries (again, America) are the only ones that significantly impact Apple's bottom line.
You could also put it to good use and donate it to a local charity for a tax deduction.
  Downfall of what? The MacBook Pro with Retna Display is the best laptop on the market.
Pointless nanny state regulations which are nothing more than a program to line the pockets of special interest groups standing in the way of the advancement of technology. (Remember these are the same ass clowns who block nuclear)
Huh, the iPhone belonging to one of my parents was stolen out of their car and Find My Phone quickly lead the the police to the location of and resulted in the arrest of the thief. (Grand theft over an iPhone is pretty stupid)   That being said, Apple needs to implement the feature with UUID so it can be tracked even if the phone is wiped.
Who cares. Get back to me when they release a full replacement for Gallery that integrates with iPhoto (desktop).
Why not?Didn't stop the guys over at Android from doing the same for mobile OS.
If its anything like the alerts on television and radio, there better be a way to turn this "feature" off.
  If gaming sold computers Apple would be there. Gaming is done on phones, tablets, and consoles. Gaming on computers is a niche market so there really isn't a point for Apple to invest in that area.
You mean like they did in the 90s?
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