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Which is why everyone is down on Facebook and Google "needed" to launch Android.
Apple better be on top of their game at WWDC. If they release anything close to what has been "leaked" the company is in some serious trouble.
Not sure why Apple hasn't included their version of AddBlock Plus in Mobile Safair. Pretty much the reason why I use OS X far more than iOS.
Who cares about unites shipped?   Meaningless benchmark.
    Netflix has neither Thor or Captain America available via their streaming platform which is what is being discussed.
What I am tired of are people who have never created anything substantial in their lives telling copyright holders that they need to monetize their work using the Netflix model.   Anyways, why do these companies need Netflix to digital distribution?  At one point the technology was extremely expensive meaning Netflix was the only game in town.  Now anything with an internet connection can setup their own streaming library.  Why does ABC need to put their content on...
Not sure why anyone would purchase this service any longer. No Netflix I do not want to watch Mega Shark Vs. Giant Squid IV. Have some TV show reruns but even those get old after a while.
  You mean the new iBook authoring tool?
And how many of those "active" accounts are duplicates or bots?   The number of accounts is irrelevant.  Facebook is an advertising company.  The only thing that matters is page impressions and click through rates.   Anyways, how does integrating FB into iOS help solve Facebooks issue with click through rates and mobile??? (Unless Apple is paying them for the privilage or they are going to find a way to spam the user with ads.)
Wonder how much Apple is going to have to pay Facebook for this "privilege".
New Posts  All Forums: