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Also looks like it is under a hood. Picture probably taken at apple HQ in a QC department or something.
No way it is a Verizon only product. That would alienate more than 25 million iPhone users (US) and eliminate any global sales.
That would probably be the stupidest business decision Apple could make. 1) Sure Verizon might cover redneckville but AT&T covers something like 99% of the populaton. What buys iPhones? People in cities or people who live in redneckville? 2) 99% of the world is GSM not CDMA.
Try watching SlingBox at the airport while talking on the phone with your Verizon iPhone.... Suckers...
Ok.... But what percentage of the POPULATION does AT&T cover? Do you rally think Apple product target cities or hickville?
Apple has what, 25 billion in cash on hand? Nokia has a market cap of what, 45 billion? Looks like the situation can resolve itself with a purchase of some stock.
New Posts  All Forums: