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Wasn't it Samsung's lawyer who couldn't identify the Samsung product at a short distance???
No.  I believe that the suggest is that you can accomplish a larger screen without greatly increasing the size of the phone.  Sadly it appears that Apple has chosen to expand both the size of the screen and the phone.    Look at most iPhones.  You unnecessarily have almost a full inch of wasted top and bottom space that could be screen.   Look at the INSANELY nice iPhone 5 mockups that were coming out before the 4S based off (false) info from case manufacturers. That is...
It would have been FAR better to reduce/eliminate the "home" button and/or the top part than extend the actual phone body to accommodate the screen size.
    Apple decided to use ARM instead of ATOM in their consumer products. Intel decided to use their collaboration with Apple on the MacBook Air to launch an initiative that would be a direct competitor.
Only if we continue to allow the federal government to over regulate and fix the cost of labor. Hell with real unemployment at ~20% you would think that the government would get the memo.
What do you think Google/Android does?   They already mine your email for marketing info via Gmail. They already mine your voice mail, texts, who you are calling via Google Voice. They are already tracking your location with Android
$250 for a thermostat - LOL
The purchase had nothing to do with the technology behind Instagram, rather the purchase was to buy Instagram's user base as well as box out any future competition.
Desperately clinging to the past.  Yawn.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out with their cable box division. If they start to push GoogleTV in cable boxes I fully suspect the government to step in.
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