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  Huh?   Apple has TERRIBLE customer service.   Ever try to get something simple done? Better schedule a "Genius" bar appointment 2 weeks in advance and then reschedule you entire day around that appointment.   Needed to get my 'T' power brick replaced.  Should be as simple as walking in, giving your info, turning in your old brick, and getting a new one.  Nope.
If I want real cloths I go to Macys/Nordstroms/ect. If I want throw away cloths I go to Targer.   I would not go to JC Pennys to buy Target quality clothing at Macys prices.
Photo sharing (IE Gallery) integrated with iPhoto is DESPERATELY needed before MobileMe expires. Its the only way elderly relatives can share photos because it is SO easy.  Just click a button in iPhoto, not Facebook, flickr, ect. needed. (Still not sure why they eliminated group emails in iPhoto but hopefully that returns with whatever they replace Gallery with(
Lawmakers need to make it easier to take down domain squatters. It is almost impossible to pick a name for a new business venture because every single domain name is taken and many of them are taking by domain squatters. Need a "use it or lose it" policy.
Pretty sure those are issues with Microsoft not iCloud.
I couldn't care less about what Apple does relating to MobileMe until it launches Gallery functionality in iCloud with iPhoto integration.   The entire reason my elderly parents got an iMac was for its ease of use and integration. They would never be able to do what they do without the integration that MobileMe provided.   Apple is really dropping the ball with iCloud. Offers less functionality that MobileMe.
    They do.  They take jobs in other states.
    Have you seen the content available on Netflix?  It is horrid.  I have no need to watch Mega Shark Vs. Mutant Squid VI.
How about the simple ability to email an address book group a MobileMe Gallery??? (or how about a long term replacement for MobileMe Gallery???) (older people I know love MobileMe Gallery but hate Facebook and the alternatives Apple is pushing.)
You mean the one Intel is pushing because Apple pushed them to develop the chips to be used in the MBA? Intel/MSFT was content with Atom/Netbooks. Apple pushed Intel and now Intel is bitting the hand that feeds it.
New Posts  All Forums: