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So minimal (~6%) gains over the 27" fully loaded iMac which scored ~12,800.
About 3 years too late.
And sadly that $3,000,000,000 wouldn't dent the $1.5 trillion dollar deficit.
Why is the US government entitled to ANY of this money? Its all profits from overseas.
According to whom? Using your argument, the MacBook Pro isn't Pro at all because it isn't a Mac Pro.
LOL - As Google and Facebook pillage peoples personal information they are focused on Apple who provides these services not to make money buy to sell hardware. Then again it is that stooge Henry Waxman.
The people bitching about this are comical. Read the article. The headline is very misleading. The quote is referring to the 15" pro being "killed" in the consumer market IE average consumers buying the pro because of its screen size but do not need "pro" features.
Ya. Because the under speced iPhone and iPad (compared to the competition) really suffers in terms of performance.
How do you know, has Apple released their new generation of MBP yet?
Who gives 2 shits what Apple puts into its refreshed MBP as long as there is a performance gain. They could put a graphics card from a Macintosh Color Classic and if they could get better performance out of it than what they are getting now, why would anyone care? Really don't get why people focus on specs. A computer is a tool to get a job done. It doesn't matter how it does the job as long as it does the job better and faster than the previous generation. No, a...
New Posts  All Forums: