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The 'liberalness' of it has nothing to do with it. These companies are in the valley because that is where they started. They stated there back in the day because it was near Stanford and US Berkeley. It has nothing to do with the state being liberal.Huh? It is progressive policies that are authoritarian. Restricting state regulation of medical marijuana? Progressive policy enacted by the expansion of the commerce clause user the king daddy progressive FDR. Requiring a...
Huh? Whats not to like about Taxes. Pretty much no taxes. You can buy a 5,000SF house on a golf course for ~$500k. People are polite and have manners. Government leaves you alone more less. The legislature is only part time so they don't see the need to pass frivolous laws to make it seem like they are busy. Gas averages $3.06 per gallon while CA is at $4.35 per gallon. You have the right to protect yourself, your family, and your property. What am I missing?
Now we just need iTunes Match for video.
It could run a Pentium 4 for all I care as long as Apple increased performance while preserving the user experience.
Andy Ruben works for Apple then heads up Android development for Google and incorporates Apple IP. Eric Schmidt head up JAVA development at SUN and then SUN/JAVA IP ends up in Android. Eric Schmidt is on Apple board of directors while developing iOS and suddenly Android goes from being a blackberry clone to a full feature touch screen phone. A pattern? Hrm.
Its like selling some guy a comic book for $1 and then finding out it is worth millions and trying to get it back. Get over it Proview.
Find My iPhone has to be the best "value added" feature in iOS. For my MacBook Pro I would say it is MagSafe. Anyways, never really thought anything of Find My iPhone until today. Elderly mother left her phone in car last night. Came out this morning to find car broken into and only thing missing was her 2 month only iPhone 4S. She called me up to see if there was any way to wipe the phone because of some highly confidential work emails. I told her that I had set her...
Wait, so "virtual display" would allow me to use my networked machines as an extended desktop? Like if I wanted to buy a couple of 27" iMacs, extend my main desktop to them and then use then pu them into a render farm?
And the march towards $600 continues.
People forget that outsourcing enables US companies to hire US workers. Cut manufacturing in China? Well Apple would lose its global competitiveness, which would result in poor sales, and Apple would be forced to downsize. Apple using China as a resource enables to to hire more American workers. Now, the same thing can be said of hiring people in india. Apple can supplement their American work force with people in India. That doesn't mean that Apple is...
New Posts  All Forums: