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Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Apple & all that they do…!!!   BUT…!   Sometimes, sometimes I have a scary thought…   What if Steve Jobs was The False Prophet…?   What if Tim Cook IS The Anti-Christ…?   What if the Apple Watch IS The Mark Of The Beast…!?!   WHAT IF…?!?!?   ;^p
I need a Mac mini with some NEW hardware, not some "well, we're kinda waiting on the NEW chips; but try this for now kid" hardware…   I want to be able run the new WoW expansion on a 60" UltraHD flat-panel and have a better than decent frame rate while raiding…   Is that REALLY asking too much…?!?
Fixed that for you…! ;^p
That was the first thing I thought when I heard the name iPad Air during the keynote…   13" iPad Pro w/Retina Display & optional Keyboard Smart Covers/Cases…
Fixed that for you… ;^p I actually think a fully-specced out Mac Pro would be around 7.5k 12-core Xeon E5 CPU128GB ECC DDR3 RAM (4x32GB)756GB PCI-E FlashRAM SSDTwo (2) W9000 GPUs w/6GB ECC GDDR5 RAM And I am REALLY hoping the entry-level model comes in around 2k 6-core Xeon E5 CPU16GB ECC DDR3 RAM (4x4GB)128GB PCI-E FlashRAM SSDTwo (2) W5000 GPUs w/2GB GDDR5 RAM
From MacRumors - Upcoming 12-Core Xeon CPU Destined for Apple's New Mac Pro Posts Impressive Benchmark Scores   From Tom's Hardware - Intel's 12-Core Xeon With 30MB of L3: The New Mac Pro's CPU?   Read & Discuss…!
You gotta wonder if Apple might update the Keyboard/Mouse/Trackpad lineup with newer versions that would be available in TWO (2) colors, the current silvery & a new black, to match existing products & the new Mac Pro…?!?
Okay, my bad…! I never realized that this forum was also for Third-Party hardware…   In my own defense, the description Marvin quotes is on the main forum page, I always just go straight to the sub-forum from my 'Top Sites' collection in Safari…   My apologies to the OP for my knee-jerk behavior…!
Are you referencing me here?   What is over the top…? My telling him to think before he posts, in response to his telling me to think before I speak…?!?
New Posts  All Forums: