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That was the first thing I thought when I heard the name iPad Air during the keynote…   13" iPad Pro w/Retina Display & optional Keyboard Smart Covers/Cases…
Fixed that for you… ;^p I actually think a fully-specced out Mac Pro would be around 7.5k 12-core Xeon E5 CPU128GB ECC DDR3 RAM (4x32GB)756GB PCI-E FlashRAM SSDTwo (2) W9000 GPUs w/6GB ECC GDDR5 RAM And I am REALLY hoping the entry-level model comes in around 2k 6-core Xeon E5 CPU16GB ECC DDR3 RAM (4x4GB)128GB PCI-E FlashRAM SSDTwo (2) W5000 GPUs w/2GB GDDR5 RAM
From MacRumors - Upcoming 12-Core Xeon CPU Destined for Apple's New Mac Pro Posts Impressive Benchmark Scores   From Tom's Hardware - Intel's 12-Core Xeon With 30MB of L3: The New Mac Pro's CPU?   Read & Discuss…!
You gotta wonder if Apple might update the Keyboard/Mouse/Trackpad lineup with newer versions that would be available in TWO (2) colors, the current silvery & a new black, to match existing products & the new Mac Pro…?!?
Okay, my bad…! I never realized that this forum was also for Third-Party hardware…   In my own defense, the description Marvin quotes is on the main forum page, I always just go straight to the sub-forum from my 'Top Sites' collection in Safari…   My apologies to the OP for my knee-jerk behavior…!
Are you referencing me here?   What is over the top…? My telling him to think before he posts, in response to his telling me to think before I speak…?!?
How about you think before you post, specifically before you post in the WRONG sub-forum…?!?   The Nike Fuel Band is a bad example, as it is NOT an Apple product, no matter that Tim Cook may be on the Nike board of directors… I am not even going to get into an argument about Tim Cook being on the Nike board as the reason Apple sells it on their online store… They more than likely sell it because it is a THIRD-PARTY accessory that provides an added value/usage to the iOS...
They sell plenty of THIRD-PARTY products on the Apple Store, should we start talking about any of the new products those companies might be putting out in a forum titled Future APPLE Hardware…?!?   I think not…   The product you are going on about is NOT an Apple product, therefore it is NOT Future APPLE Hardware…   At BEST, this is something that should go in either the iPhone or iPad forums…   Future Apple Hardware is pretty much the APPLE line of laptops, desktops,...
And this is Future Apple Hardware how…?!?
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