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And I can't recall anyone famous ever wanting to meet you, so it's a push. 
The clock design is striking in it's simplicity and ability to be instantly read. Apple reached an agreement with SBB, the design owner, over the use of the design, and  the deal was between them. The "I know how to run Apple better than Apple does" crowd that insists on second guessing every move that Apple makes, fails to get it once more. 
Whelp, those images look as yachtsie as the Venus does. 
Touché! ROFL 
What all of those yachts lack is deck space and the accoutrements that go with it. Nothing quite like a stroll on the deck, with drink in hand, passing the bathing beauties lounging in the deck chairs and chaises. They're just large boats, as opposed to yachts, IMO. 
Ahoy!   This yacht was not designed by me, or for me, in fact I had zero input WRT this yacht from concept to conclusion. Further, I have not spent one cent on it. Hmmmmm, I'm not really showing any standing here when it comes to criticizing, applauding, or even commenting on this yacht. Will that stop me? Of course not!   It's Job's yacht, it suited his taste, and he paid for it, which should be the end of the story. It is not a design that I would like, but...
IMO, the thread should be called "History, according to Walter Mitty". He is spinning his actions in past events.
You guys are pretty far afield from the topic,"History, according to Walter Mitty".
Who cares what Sculley has to say? He's just polishing his own apple! " I didn't really fire jobs."? Sculley got this line spin from the Wizard of Oz "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!". He's promoting his work on revisionist history to those naive enough to believe it.
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