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Theres a boatload of us that want our incoming post audio alerts back in our Mail v9.1 POP account. 
Not only that, but, the iPhones and iPad that I got to date, from Apple and AT&T, did not require my physical appearance. Both Apple and AT&T pre-qualified me via online. Which probably has zip to do with this new Apple deal, unfortunately.  It might be the bank that Apple is using that is making these demands. 
Everyone has to make their own choices, of course. Having said that, Consumer Cellular uses AT&T's connections, so the service is identical to what you get with AT&T as your carrier. What is different is that CC does not charge an activation fee, and they offer the iPhones on a two year, no interest purchase plan. For example, the iPhone 6 16 GB model can be bought for $50 upfront, and 24 payments of $25, or $650. The 6+ is $150down and 24 X $25. Other models, with more...
Apple's deal would give buyers an interest free loan for the phone, and they could immediately switch from AT&T as their carrier to Consumer Cellular for the far better rates on usage plans. I've moved my old 4s from AT&T to CC and there's been no difference in performance, plus my bill is now half of what AT&T charges. The only drawback with that scheme is that my iPad is now restricted to Wi-Fi because CC has no data coverage for iPads. I'm told that some iPads do work...
IMO, it's past time for Apple to offer a wide gamut display.
And I can't recall anyone famous ever wanting to meet you, so it's a push. 
The clock design is striking in it's simplicity and ability to be instantly read. Apple reached an agreement with SBB, the design owner, over the use of the design, and  the deal was between them. The "I know how to run Apple better than Apple does" crowd that insists on second guessing every move that Apple makes, fails to get it once more. 
Whelp, those images look as yachtsie as the Venus does. 
Touché! ROFL 
What all of those yachts lack is deck space and the accoutrements that go with it. Nothing quite like a stroll on the deck, with drink in hand, passing the bathing beauties lounging in the deck chairs and chaises. They're just large boats, as opposed to yachts, IMO. 
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