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Tonight, at 2100hrs, I went to the Apple Store app on my 3Gs and tapped "reserve iPhone 4s". A few more taps and I pick mine up at 1000 hrs tomorrow. Easy as falling off a log! No more waiting for store to have available stock, very cool! Mine will be a black 16 GB with AT&T, and I'll be picking it up at the Chandler, Az Apple Store. I didn't scroll down to see how many model were available to reserve, but every model showing without scrolling down to see the entire 18...
I'm not sure that we're talking about the same thing here. I did pre-order my current 3Gs from the online Apple Store, then picked it up at my local Apple Store on release day. But, that's not what I was talking about in this case. You may not be aware of the Apple Store app for the iPhone, but, that's the avenue that was recommended to me by the folks at my Apple Store. As for taking time, it only took a few seconds to go to the app, tap "reserve iPhone", then tap iPhone...
Good question. After all of the pissing and moaning that we've had to endure over AT&T service, it looks like that hasn't taken it's toll on their sales volume. Personally, I don't have any complaints with AT&T, and I surely would not want to be restricted from using all of the iPhone's features by going to Verizon, etc. I guess some people just like to bitch.
The Apple Store that I haunt tells me that using the app to reserve one is the quickest and easiest way to get a 45s. I'm not sure how that jibes with some stores having ready to sell stock. The two scenarios are at odds with each other, not that I am disputing what you said. It's a twenty minute or so drive, and a few passes around the parking lot to find a parking space within a reasonable distance, for me to get to my store. If after that, they didn't have any stock, I...
Whelp, the AT&T 4s is sold out everywhere here. None at any of our 5 local Apple Stores, or any of the scads of AT&T stores here. I had a chance to grab one when I bought my wife's 4s, but, I didn't, so now I get to wait. Support your local scalpers, they need love too!
Yokay, so for which carrier, and from where did you order your's?
First things first. I DRAFRA why the new iPhone is called the iPhone 4s instead of the iPhone 5, or the iPhone what-have -you. AFAIK, that will not have any bearing on it's features and performance, which is all I care about. I could not possibly care less whether the new model is personally presented by Cook, Jobs, or Charlie the Tuna, as long as the presenter handles this task well. Yes, I enjoy seeing the professionalism and pride that Steve Jobs has exhibited over the...
Neither are some who call themselves "journalists" nowadays. However, your point is well taken. What is truly amazing is the number of people that read articles like this on the web, then panic, even to the point of declaring that "it's time for them to leave the country". These are the folks who say "Whelp, I read it on the internet, so it's gotta be true!". OTOH, they also might be customers of the Apple Story!
So, you don't care if your personal info is exposed to one and all, as long as it's "not admissible"? Are you really Anthony Wiener? The point, which has clearly escaped you, is that if you think that these forms of communication are secure, you are up for the title of MR. NAIVE, 2011.
If you're stupid enough to leave personal info in a voice message, or to put it in an email/text, then maybe you live on a planet where this behavior hasn't come back to bite folks in their posterior on a regular basis. Most of us here, and that pay attention to the news, have seen this in action over a period of several years. Where have you been?
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