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Rebates, unless they are instant, are disingenuous to start with. Not all rebates are even claimed, which only encourages companies to continue the practice. Notice that most rebates force you to pay associated sales taxes on the entire amount, and not the amount after rebate. The exception to that is an instant rebate, which is really not much more than a contradiction of terms, because an instant rebate is actually a drop in price. Having said all of that, I did get...
It's not moot for Oregon residents. Yes, I know how it works, but the states don't have the authority to demand anything from a business outside it's boundaries. Yes, that could change, but we're safe for now.
I continue to be amazed at some of the attitudes here over this day. It must be the me generation, or is it the instant gratification generation? If you don't get what you consider a bargain then you've been treated harshly? Do you want cheese with that whine?
Well, they didn't say it was a super secret big deal. What they did say was "Get the season's best prices on Mac, iPod, and iPhone gifts. Friday, November 28th." What part of that did they not fulfill? If you were mislead by the hype put out by non-Apple sources, that's not Apple's fault. There is no free lunch, and the sooner you quit looking for it, the sooner you will stop being disappointed.
"This message is hidden because Kolchak is on your ignore list." That's what Adios means, but you can keep replying to me if you like. ROFL
Not no, HELL NO! The $1300 price is $50 below the price of the refurbed model from Apple. If you keep waiting for a better price, you'll never buy a computer, and that is a damn good price for that model. Will there be more models coming? Of course, but there is no way to know if you'll get a comparable deal to this down the road.
I didn't realize that Apple owed anyone a "sale". They sell for what they sell for, take it or leave it, but quit whining about it. Sheesh! http://www.macmall.com/macmall/pre-h...ource=mwb15579
I don't think there will be any of that model left by next June.
AFAIK, the Apple Store(s) will price match, if you have proof of the ad. If it's an online ad then it's easy enough to pull up once you're in the Apple Store. The only issue will be if Apple cannot verify the ad price that you want them to match.
Then don't take advantage of it, wait until tomorrow to buy without the discount. That'll teach em!
New Posts  All Forums: