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You left out the iMacs, Apple's price on the RAM for them has also dropped. I've always been a believer in letting the market control prices. If Apple charged a million bucks a module it would be okay with me, as long as I wasn't forced to buy it, and it was available elsewhere for better prices. Wait, it is available elsewhere at better prices, so who cares what Apple charges? Hard drives from Apple are in the same league. If you wanted to sell your car wouldn't you...
No, they don't, but the Mac is considerably cheaper as a refurb, and carries the same warranty as a new model. Give your dad a break, he's paying for it, and in the end you won't be able to tell the difference between a refurb and a new model. I don't know what you know about MacBooks, Pro or otherwise, but, getting AppleCare with one is a VERY good idea, as repairs are not at all cheap. If you buy through the education store, you get a better price on AppleCare, even for...
Just keep in mind that wireless headphones do not have the performance of wired models.
I'm not sure that "gouging" is the correct term. Certainly, Apple charges more than some third party vendors, and many of us just don't buy extra RAM from Apple. However, nobody has a gun to their head, forcing them to buy extra RAM from Apple, and Apple is entitled to charge any price they like. Do I think that they catch a lot of folks unaware over RAM pricing? Sure I do, but, IMO, the term caveat emptor still rules the day. There is some evidence that Apple is seeing a...
For starters, you could quit acting as though you're entitled to anything that you didn't earn. Pissing and moaning over the fact that you didn't get a sale price on something you wanted is about as immature as anything I can imagine. When you say you were treated harshly because Apple didn't offer sale price on any software, that is pissing and moaning. Grow up!
Rebates, unless they are instant, are disingenuous to start with. Not all rebates are even claimed, which only encourages companies to continue the practice. Notice that most rebates force you to pay associated sales taxes on the entire amount, and not the amount after rebate. The exception to that is an instant rebate, which is really not much more than a contradiction of terms, because an instant rebate is actually a drop in price. Having said all of that, I did get...
It's not moot for Oregon residents. Yes, I know how it works, but the states don't have the authority to demand anything from a business outside it's boundaries. Yes, that could change, but we're safe for now.
I continue to be amazed at some of the attitudes here over this day. It must be the me generation, or is it the instant gratification generation? If you don't get what you consider a bargain then you've been treated harshly? Do you want cheese with that whine?
Well, they didn't say it was a super secret big deal. What they did say was "Get the season's best prices on Mac, iPod, and iPhone gifts. Friday, November 28th." What part of that did they not fulfill? If you were mislead by the hype put out by non-Apple sources, that's not Apple's fault. There is no free lunch, and the sooner you quit looking for it, the sooner you will stop being disappointed.
"This message is hidden because Kolchak is on your ignore list." That's what Adios means, but you can keep replying to me if you like. ROFL
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