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Not no, HELL NO! The $1300 price is $50 below the price of the refurbed model from Apple. If you keep waiting for a better price, you'll never buy a computer, and that is a damn good price for that model. Will there be more models coming? Of course, but there is no way to know if you'll get a comparable deal to this down the road.
I didn't realize that Apple owed anyone a "sale". They sell for what they sell for, take it or leave it, but quit whining about it. Sheesh! http://www.macmall.com/macmall/pre-h...ource=mwb15579
I don't think there will be any of that model left by next June.
AFAIK, the Apple Store(s) will price match, if you have proof of the ad. If it's an online ad then it's easy enough to pull up once you're in the Apple Store. The only issue will be if Apple cannot verify the ad price that you want them to match.
Then don't take advantage of it, wait until tomorrow to buy without the discount. That'll teach em!
You were expecting what?
Oregon has NO sales tax.
Indeed, and you don't need Black Friday. It' amazing that more folks don't realize this.
Hackintosh supports are equal to lepers, AFAIC. Adios.
It's not as good as the "Back to school" deal they ran over the Summer, where the edu discount included a free iPod Touch. But, Apple is not famous for low pricing, so what did you expect? The refurbed models continue to be the best deals on Apple products, and none of them include a Black Friday discount either. We should not forget that the fairly recent phenomenon of Black Friday pricing to entice customers INTO a retail store, does not obligate anyone to offer...
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