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You were expecting what?
Oregon has NO sales tax.
Indeed, and you don't need Black Friday. It' amazing that more folks don't realize this.
Hackintosh supports are equal to lepers, AFAIC. Adios.
It's not as good as the "Back to school" deal they ran over the Summer, where the edu discount included a free iPod Touch. But, Apple is not famous for low pricing, so what did you expect? The refurbed models continue to be the best deals on Apple products, and none of them include a Black Friday discount either. We should not forget that the fairly recent phenomenon of Black Friday pricing to entice customers INTO a retail store, does not obligate anyone to offer...
What happen, did they try to get Rosie O'Donnell to host?
Well, junior, the last memory that I bought wasn't available for $15, the best price for 4 gigs of 800 MHz DDR was just under $100, back in July. I can remember paying that much for 96 MB, and, that was a damn good price, at the time, mid 90's. In the early 90's it was even higher, per MB. Memory is like anything else, it can go bad, if you don't know that, then you just learned something. If you want to buy spare ram just to have it on hand, be my guest, but it isn't...
That's misleading. Adobe CS 4 has many incarnations, Photoshop CS 4, Illustrator CS 4, etc, and one is not forced to buy them all. There are various bundled packages, called Suites, and there's also the individual programs used to makeup the Suites. All can be bought individually, or, bundled in a Suite that is actually less expensive than buying each program separately. One is not locked into any particular Suite. There are probably folks here that don't know the...
Folks in the UK voted for the politicians that gave them VAT, and other high taxes, then look for ways to get around the resulting higher prices. It doesn't seem to occur to them to get rid of the politicians responsible. Here the money flowing into the US treasury is always higher when taxes are lower. Yet that doesn't stop folks here from voting for politicians who are going to tax the dog snot out of them, which will dry up investing, slow the economy, and increase...
When you're someone who values his word. IOW, when your word is your bond. Nobody respects a cheater.
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