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Don't know how to shop? I don't need any ram, all of my Macs are maxed out from:http://www.datamemorysystems.com/ They're better to deal with than Newegg, OWC, etc. If their ram fails, they'll send replacement module(s) IMMEDIATELY, even before they receive the bad ram back, so you don't have a long down time while you wait for the transit times. You probably think that's just stupid, don'tcha. You still haven't edited that literary gem that I mentioned before, you must...
So, you think that anyone here knows?
The topic is becoming boring, gay marriage lost. End of story, except for the morons that are demonstrating, and generally being a PITA. Adios.
Right, I'm gonna trust the fraud plagued eBay, and PayPal, to save money on a Mac.
You are under the mistaken notion that all Christians must attend church in order to be a Christian. The Gentlemen that we're taking about were Christian, nearly to a man. Now you want to tell us in the US what guided the formation of our country. You can blather all you like, and we do have freedom of religion., but this is still basically a Christian nation. And we don't want gay marriage, which is what this thread is about. So, never mind you tangents.
In a pigs ass! Gays have not been harmed by disallowing gay marriage. You want to equate the unnatural with the natural. It isn't flying among the majority in this country. If you want to create yet more resentment, keep telling people that gay marriage is equal to heterosexual marriage. It's not, and if you don't know it, then you're daft.
So, you mean that you bought 4 Gb of ram for $15? No, my "flea-speck brain does not believe you. Maybe you should go back and read the gobbledegook last sentence again, because it doesn't mention who TF you're talking about, Einstein.
You, don't know crap about the founding fathers of this country.http://www.adherents.com/gov/Foundin..._Religion.html
You might want to edit that last sentence to where it makes sense.
Apple's ram prices, while still higher than the market average, have come down on most models. Models that max out at 4 GB of ram, can now be upgraded to 4 GB for $150, which is a lot lower than it was a short time ago. Yes, it's still cheaper to upgrade ram from third party vendors, but not as much as it was, and some people are willing to pay the now smaller premium to Apple rather than deal with it themselves. The MacPro is not part of this new lower pricing on ram...
New Posts  All Forums: