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Compensation? Are you bloody serious? Welcome to life, it does not come with a guarantee of compensation for every little irritant!
I'm holding out for the Steam Punk model!
Bare Feats has some testing posted that includes laptops, and they too lag behind the iMacs and Mac Pros. OTOH, a lot depends on what one is using the laptop for. Many folks expect that they will replace a desktop, and that just ain't happening for every task that one might do.
Adding an additional iMac to the available real estate may not be possible for everyone. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea fine, but, two won't fit in my limited space. I had not seriously considered running the iMac display with a MP, but it's something to think about, especially when 27" displays are going for $1000 all by themselves. I've not any info about the expected lifespan of the current model iMacs with their IPS displays, could be that they will out serve ...
Good point, but not a lot different than the OP's original idea of buying Mini and Display (although way different performance wise). Once the iMac is that outdated then what to use as a computer becomes a possible issue. Do you then buy the Mini of the time, which would still be short of the performance of other models of that time period? I have nothing against the Mini, save to say it's performance just doesn't excite me for photography. My personal choice would be to...
Going by what info I can find, I agree with your remarks. No decision here yet, but I'm not in a hurry, and it's possible that I'll hold off on buying for awhile.
Yep, BF has some results, but not what I'm looking for. I did a bit of testing for Rob at BF with my 2008 iMac, so he could compare different iMac models, but he hasn't posted the results, and that was back last month when the new models hit. Even Macworld only used PS CS 4, not CS 5 to test the new iMacs.
Well, there's two i5 versions, the duo and the quad. Turbo Boost gives the duo model a speed advantage for most uses, but as you said, it won't keep that advantage once more apps become multi processor friendly. I haven't seen any comparisons between the new models using PS CS 5, or LR 3. Perhaps that's because there are a lot of PS plugins that aren't 64 bit ready yet, so a lot of pros are not going beyond CS 4 in their every day use. It could be, although it calls for...
A new iMac is in my future (maybe). There are some choices to evaluate when it comes to the exact model. It will be a 27", so there's no argument over that. It will also be an i7 or one of the two i5 offerings. Just so there is no misunderstanding, I LOVE the glossy screen, and have been using one for over 2 years, so that 's another argument that we can avoid. There's only $327 separating the dual core i5 from the top of the line quad core i7, and over the life of the...
Whelp, I do'd it, it's ordered (refurbed model @ $129). Peace be upon me!
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